'Fade From Blue,' female-friendly comic cuts costs for Free Comic Book Day

Mon, March 4th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

May 4, 2002 marks the start of the first annual Free Comics Day, but for most small publishers, it's not

as easy to contribute as much as they would like. That's why one publisher is trying a different approach

to do what they can to help retailers and readers alike.

Fade From Blue #1, a new female-friendly, bi-monthly series from Second 2 Some Studios slated to hit

stands May 1, will have a starting price of just $1, giving retailers a lower-priced, excuse?proof comic

to offer both male and female readers. "It's harder for independent publishers to compete with the

generosity that the larger companies can afford to do on that day, but we didn't want that to stop us

from trying whatever we financially could," says Scott Dalrymple, artist for Fade From Blue, "The

Spider-Man movie and free merchandise will make a lot of curious readers stop into stores nationwide, so

we figured having our comic at a fair price might make it more accessible to new readers that may not be

used to current prices." To help out retailers and readers even further, S2S Studios recently decided

that each subsequent issue of Fade From Blue will be priced at only $1.50 (32 pages each).

"After asking dozens of retailers about what else might be helpful, the consensus was that offering more

information about what they were buying would be a plus," says Dalrymple, which is why completed pages

(with words) for every issue will be posted on their website 'two months' before it hits the stands (at

the same exact time that issue is listed on sale in Previews). "Expecting a retailer to take a risk on a

book without knowing if they have a customer for it is a big assumption," says Dalrymple, "Hopefully, we

can make their job easier by giving them pages to look at before they buy, not several weeks before the

series is due out." Right now, readable pages are available for #1 (listed in the March issue of Previews

on sale Feb 27) as well as a chance to vote on deciding the final cover.

Fade from Blue, the story of four half-sisters brought together by tragedy and stuck together by

circumstance, is geared towards a mature audience with a story angle that should attract as many female

readers for its drama as it will male readers for its sarcasm. Issue #1 (which has already received a

Spotlight and Certified Cool rating by Diamond) can be found on page 318 in the March Previews. Retailers

and readers looking to get a sneak peek can check out completed sample pages at

www.secondtosomestudios.com amd clicking on "Preview the next issue!" button.

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