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Sun, March 10th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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After stirring up buzz, generating critical praise and proving that "mature

reader" titles could crack the Top 50, Marvel's MAX line shifts into high

gear in 2002, with a lineup of projects for new readers and jaded fans


"Not only are the books coming together great -- but they really cover a lot

of different genres," said editor Stuart Moore. "We've got crime, horror,

western, martial arts action, science fiction, satire, and more. There's

truly something for everybody here."

"Especially if you like your heroes cussing, naked and bathed in blood,"

added editor Axel Alonso.

"Or your creators," MAX's weak sister editor Tom Brevoort punctuated.

The next ongoing MAX title to launch will be the monthly BLADE series, which

hits stores on March 13th. Written by novelist Christopher Hinz, and

featuring art by Steve Pugh and covers by Tim Bradstreet, this is an all-new

approach to Marvel's deadly vampire hunter -- bringing the action and horror

of the hit films to comics, with more than a few dark additions along the


In April, BLACK WIDOW: PALE LITTLE SPIDER presents a shocking erotic crime

tale set in present-day Russia. "This one's going to surprise a lot of

people," predicted Moore. "It's very disturbing." The three-issue series is

created by acclaimed crime writer Greg Rucka (ELEKTRA, Queen & Country) and

artist Igor Kordey (NEW X-MEN, CABLE), with covers by Greg Horn.

And in May, THE HOOD hits the streets, courtesy of writer Brian K. Vaughan

(Batman) and INCREDIBLE HULK artist Kyle Hotz. "This is the underbelly of

the Marvel Universe, seen through a haze of smoke and covered in a patina of

blood," explained Brevoort. "It's at once dark, morbidly funny, unashamedly

violent, and unquestionably real. Our lead character, Parker Robbins, is an

amoral sociopath -- and we're going to make you love him."

APACHE SKIES, by John Ostrander and Leonardo Manco, follows in July. "Leo's

fully painting this series, which really conveys the flavor of the Old West

in a palpable manner. He's really taken his artwork to a whole new level,"

said Brevoort. "Plus, John and I get to use all of the twisted, violent

material we were forced to soft-pedal in BLAZE OF GLORY (which itself is

conveniently available as a trade paperback the same month)."

If you're in the mood for a Summer blockbuster with a nasty twist, check out

the all-new DEATHLOK limited series. "If you hated FURY, you're really gonna

hate DEATHLOK," promised Alonso. "Think Waterworld -- only there is no the

water and there is a plot. It's a sci-fi black comedy by 2000 Xeric Grant

Award-winner Daniel Way and FURY penciler Darick Robertson."

Also this Summer the long-awaited MASTER OF KUNG FU series leaps into

stores, by the award-winning creative team of Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy.

"MOKF fans -- myself included -- are a near-fanatical lot," stated Alonso.

"So who better to revamp Shang-Chi than the creative team who made him great

in the first place?"

Reviewing the latest issue of ALIAS, recently commented

that "It looks like a book that was already good will be getting even

better!" MAX's inaugural title keeps gaining steam, with a new storyline

starting in issues #11 and #12, both shipping in July. And the

controversial CAGE and HOWARD THE DUCK mini-series will both continue to

shock readers right through Spring. "I had to release this cover to HOWARD

#3 as soon as it came in," said Moore. "It's just soooo wrong. And the book

itself is twice as disturbing."

"We knew we couldn't stand still with the MAX line," admitted Moore. "So we

thought about changing our cover design. We had a three-hour meeting about

it, but it just ended with Axel breakdancing, Tom fondling his beloved

crowbar and everybody else giggling and pointing at Black Widow's -- uh,

nevermind. Anyway, we compromised and decided to make the 'Explicit Content'

cover label twice as big, then we went home."

"Actually," Alonso revealed, "we just said we were going home, waved goodbye

to Stuart, and then reconvened at the bar around the corner."

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Marketing Communications Manager

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