Kompany X Launches "Johnny Delgado Is Dead"

Tue, March 13th, 2007 at 12:00am PDT

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Official Press Release

Kompany X and its founder John Leekley has collaborated with Michael

D. Olmos' Chamber Six to create the upcoming title JOHNNY DELGADO IS

DEAD: THE BALLAD, which will launch on July 26th, 2007 at Comic-Con International#, distributed by Silent Devil.

"The two they were like brothers and as sure as the sun, if you killed

one or the other... then Two become One."

Created by John Leekley, the Emmy award winning writer/executive

producer of Spawn: The Animated Series, and Michael D. Olmos, director

of the Dark Horse feature film Splinter, JOHNNY DELGADO IS DEAD: THE

BALLAD centers on two childhood friends who are bound by the code of

brotherhood, loyalty... and fate. Closer than brothers, one is

destined to be murdered, and one is destined for a legendary revenge.

"I have always been very drawn to the classic myths of the Latino

communities. For many generations, the myths and legends of the Latino

people have been told and retold in corridos, songs that kept alive

their culture and their heroes." Says John Leekley, "It seems that in

every era, there were those who were 'chosen'... heroes who rose up

and defended the rights of the innocent and brought justice to the

guilty. I have always been drawn to these ballads. I was introduced

to them by a friend of mine, Edward James Olmos, years ago. Now I am

working with Eddie's son, Michael, to bring to life a new legend...


Although the two main characters are American, they are both of Latino

decent, which historically has been an underserved demographic within

comic books and graphic novels. Even though the story revolves around

characters and the culture of Latino communities, it's a story that

will have mass appeal across the entire comic book and graphic novel


"What attracted me to the project was the opportunity to create a

Modern Latino Archetype, based loosely on the legends of Pancho Villa,

Zapata, Joaquin Murrieta and Zorro. Men who fought for the underdog –

some historical and others mythological." Says Michael D. Olmos,

co-creator of JOHNNY DELGADO IS DEAD: THE BALLAD, "The graphic novel

has all the trappings of a very modern genre story – with characters

who are Latino, but also universal and who speak specifically to a new

young generation. Mixed into this story is a strong current of Latino

folklore and mysticism. I think that the characters of Johnny Delgado

and Victor Reyes, and the story of their fight for justice and

redemption in a hardboiled world of crime, will ring true to all

audiences. And if we are just a little bit successful in creating a

Latino Archetype that will blossom and grow in the psyche of American

pop culture, then we have been both blessed and fortunate."

In recent years Silent Devil has come onto the scene as one of the

today's most relevant indie forces within the industry.

"We're absolutely thrilled we have the opportunity to be working with

this type of talent, especially with content we feel is the driving

force behind a comic book renaissance movement," says Silent Devil

publisher Christian Beranek.


John Leekley, the Emmy award winning writer of the animated series

SPAWN, and KINDRED: THE EMBRACED, formed Kompany X in 2006. Kompany X

is quickly becoming a force in the indie graphic novel world. Two

novels will premiere at San Diego ComicCon in 2007, AMERIKAN FREAK and

JOHNNY DELGADO IS DEAD: THE BALLAD. Four more graphic novels will

premiere in the following year, featuring renowned and award winning

writers and artists. After great success in creating television

series and movies, the plunge into graphic novels was a natural

extension of his vision as a storyteller, creating entirely new myths

and legends.


The Brothers Beranek and David Fairley formed Silent Devil in 1996. A

haven for creator rights, Silent Devil presents to its worldwide fan

base a multitude of talented men and women, all dedicated to producing

the best in entertainment via comics, music and film. Home of the

multi-media franchises Dracula vs. King Arthur and Death Comes to

Dillinger, Silent Devil is a trailblazer in the independent production



Writer/Director Michael D. Olmos and film and comic book writer Adrian

A. Cruz formed CHAMBER SIX PRODUCTIONS in 2004. Chamber Six is

dedicated to producing high quality entertainment be it in Film, TV,

Comics, Graphic novels or Web Comics with a focus on Crime, Revenge,

Horror, Satire and Action. Chamber Six is more than just a production

company; it's a creation think tank for exciting, unique and high

concept Intellectual Property. The company produced its first feature

film, SPLINTER, alongside Dark Horse Entertainment in 2006.

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