SuperPatriot makes his return to Image Comics in July

Fri, March 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Official Press Release

[SuperPatriot]ORANGE, CA -- 22 March, 2002 -- It's been a while, but Image Comics'

SuperPatriot is back in action this summer, thanks to up-and-coming artist

Cory Walker and Battle Pope creator Robert Kirkman. The creative duo are

combining their talents on an all-new four issue miniseries entitled


According to Kirkman, this series will focus on the hard life SuperPatriot

has endured since surviving a near-death experience and being revived as a

cyborg. "He hasn't been in control of his actions on more than a few

occasions," Kirkman explained. "Now, he's back in charge of his life, and

he's getting into the swing of things. We get to see his apartment, his

day-to-day life -- we get to KNOW Johnny Armstrong."

[Isse #1 cover]SUPERPATRIOT: AMERICA'S FIGHTING FORCE will also be fleshing out some of the

character's history by "retelling" a few of SuperPatriot's adventures from

World War II in flashback form, including his origin, which will be revealed

here for the first time.

"The main plot revolves around some heavies left over from World War II

trying to get rid of SuperPatriot once and for all," Kirkman continued, "but

the meat of the story will be the flashbacks and the slice of life stuff."

Tying it all together will be the remarkable Cory Walker, a relative

newcomer to comics who has made quite an impression on everyone who's seen

his work, his creative partner chief among them.

"Working with Cory is a dream come true," said Kirkman. "I met him online

and have worked with him before on my Battle Pope book. The talent Cory

brings to the table is immense. He has an animation background and it really

shows through in the slickness of his art style."

[TPB Cover]Rounding out the art team is Hi-Fi Color. "They do a FANTASTIC job on Cory's

line art," Kirkman enthused. "They really make the book sing! There's a

reason they color the number one book in the industry."

SUPERPATRIOT: AMERICA'S FIGHTING FORCE is the third miniseries focusing on

Image's greatest patriotic character and the first since SUPERPATRIOT:

LIBERTY & JUSTICE was released in 1995. And to support the launch of the

all-new miniseries, Image is releasing a trade paperback collection of the

four-part SUPERPATRIOT: LIBERTY & JUSTICE the same month. The trade will

feature a new cover by original series artist Dave Johnson, as well as

supplementary material featuring Johnson's character designs and preliminary



LIBERTY & JUSTICE trade," Kirkman noted, "though it won't be picking up any

plot threads from it."


JUSTICE TPB will be available for order in the May issue of PREVIEWS. And to

help celebrate the 4th of July with a bang -- both will have a guaranteed

in-store date of July 3.

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