PREVIEW: "Kolchak Tales: The Frankenstein Agenda" #3

Tue, March 27th, 2007 at 12:00am PDT

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CBR News Team, Editor

Official Press Release

32 pages, color, $3.50

David Michelinie, Don Hudson, Monica Kubina

cover by Bob Layton

incentive cover by Dave Ulanski

The pulse-pounding conclusion of the monthly miniseries! Kolchak has learned the terrible secret behind this grotesquely mutated creature... this betrayed army soldier, this twisted shell of a man. But even as an immoral military plays God, Kolchak himself must win a wrestling match with his own morals when the means to destroy this abomination once and for all is put into his hands... as the former soldier's mother waits for him to make his choice! Awww, don't look, mom!

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