"Transformers" Prequel Comic Looking like a Blockbuster, Too

Thu, March 29th, 2007 at 12:00am PDT

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CBR News Team, Editor

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA – With the recent release of new one-

sheets showing the first official poster images of OPTIMUS PRIME and

MEGATRON, fan anticipation for the big-screen TRANSFORMERS movie

opening on July 4 continues to grow. This interest is evidenced in

another way, too-the first two issues of IDW Publishing's Transformers: The Official Movie Prequel comic book miniseries are

officially sold out through Diamond Comic Distributors.

The Movie Prequel comic book, co-written by longtime TRANSFORMERS

scribe Simon Furman and IDW's Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall

and featuring art by fan-favorite artist Don Figueroa, offered fans

the first official look at the characters and storyline to come in

the summer movie release. This all-new, four-part storyline spanned

centuries and planets, taking the story from the TRANSFORMERS' world

of CYBERTRON through space to Earth, where players on both sides are

gathering for a coming war. IDW released a special WizardWorld LA

convention-exclusive edition of issue 1, limited to 1,000 copies, and

will also distribute a special Free Comic Book Day version of the

comic in May. But otherwise, that first issue, and issue 2, which

features MEGATRON's arrival on Earth, have all been snatched up by

anxious fans.

"This is especially gratifying to me," said co-writer Ryall, "since

we've been doing Transformers comics for over a year now, and I've

got to see from the start how fan interest in the movie has turned

from wariness to absolute fervor."

Overall interest in THE TRANSFORMERS comics seems to be growing, too,

as evidenced by other recent sell-outs, including:

- The Transformers: Infiltration TPB. A second printing is on

press right now.

- Transformers Spotlight: Hot Rod

- The Transformers: Escalation issues 2 and 4

Additionally, IDW has seen a spate of other titles sell out

completely, too:

- Zombies vs Robots issues 1 and 2

- Ashley Wood's Grande Finale 1st and 2nd Printings

- All issues of 24: Nightfall

- Sparrow: Phil Hale

Issue 3 of Transformers: the Official Movie Prequel will be in stores

on April 11. Issue 4 is set for May 2. Following that miniseries, IDW

will release Transformers: The Official Movie Adaptation, by Kris

Oprisko and Alex Milne, as a weekly comic book throughout the month

of June. With both those projects in stores a month ahead of the

movie itself, fans will find themselves fully armed as they head in

to see the big-screen spectacle.

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