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Tue, June 27th, 2006 at 12:00am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer/Publisher

For the past six months, CBR has been the place to go to for the latest news on "Superman Returns." Whether it's been through CBR's daily Comic Reel Wrap's bringing you the latest news, our set visit reports, our early review of the film, our coverage of the press junket or our more recent analytical review of the film, CBR's been there for you! With the film set to launch in theaters late night on June 27th, this is your last chance to familiarize the film before you rush off to get in line early for the movie. Below we've got a huge selection of links for you to check out -- from our reviews of the film, to various interviews conducted on the set and elsewhere, we've got you covered!

"Superman Returns" Reviews
"Superman Returns" -- The CBR Review
"Superman Returns" Mini-Review

"Superman Returns" Press Junket
"Superman Returns" Mini-Review
Actress Kate Bosworth
Actor Brandon Routh
DC President/Publisher Paul Levitz
Actor Sam Huntington
Director Bryan Singer
Actress Parker Posey
Writers Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris
Kevin Spacey

CBR Visits the Set of "Superman Retuns" in Sydney, Australia
The Set Visit Report
Director Bryan Singer, Part 1
Director Bryan Singer, Part 2
Brandon Routh, Part 1
Brandon Routh, Part 2
Kal Penn
Producer Chris Lee
Parker Posey
Set Designer Guy Dyas, Part 1
Set Designer Guy Dyas, Part 2
Costumers Dan Bronson and Louise Mingenbach
Producer Gilbert Adler
Kate Bosworth
Writers Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris

Miscellaneous Articles
Artist Matt Haley talks "Superman Returns" Poster & Movie Adaptation
"Superman Returns" To Trendy Boutique with New Merchandise
"Superman Returns" IMAX 3D Press Release
"Superman Returns" Video Game Review From E3
Justice (Part 1): How Mitchel Siegel's Murder Gave The World Its Greatest Hero
Justice (Part 2): Real Life Inspiration for Superman's Greatest Challenges
Justice (Part 3): Siegel & Shuster Get Their Due

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