Greg McElhatton

Arlington, VA
Indiana, PA
Mar 26

I first discovered the joy of comics in 1980 when some girls on my school bus brought in their father's copies of Wendy and Richard Pini's "Elfquest" and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, I've written freelance interviews and articles for "Wizard" (going all the way back to the first issue), headed up the Small Press Expo and the Ignatz Awards, served as an Eisner judge and written reviews regularly since 1999 (first for, then moving to my own site Read About Comics).

I moved to the Washington DC area in 1974 and have yet to leave. I design and develop training for the Federal government during the day, and I've had both fiction and non-fiction professionally published. In my spare time I train for marathons and triathlons. I've promised my friends one of these days I'll run a race dressed as the Flash.

FIRST COMIC: "Elfquest" #5

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Fone Bone, Captain Britain, Rachel Summers Grey

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Battle for the Cowl: Oracle: The Cure #1

Tue, March 31st, 2009 | Category: Review

"Battle for the Cowl: Oracle: The Cure" has connections to "Batman," "Final Crisis," and "Birds of Prey," but forgets to actually make its lead character semi-competent.

Usagi Yojimbo #119

Tue, March 31st, 2009 | Category: Review

"Usagi Yojimbo" finishes up its own take on zombies, and Sakai's long-eared ronin warrior is as charming as ever.

The Incredibles: Family Matters #1

Mon, March 30th, 2009 | Category: Review

"The Incredibles: Family Matters" is certainly a fun and successful tie-in, but it understandably can't hit the heights of the original movie.

Uncanny X-Men #507

Tue, March 24th, 2009 | Category: Review

One cannot help but get the impression with this issue of "Uncanny X-Men" that things are about to go from bad to worse for our favorite mutants.

The Outsiders #16

Tue, March 24th, 2009 | Category: Review

The latest incarnation of "The Outsiders" begins to pick up the action, and it's a not bad if slightly slow debut.

Azrael: Death's Dark Knight #1

Sun, March 22nd, 2009 | Category: Review

Fabian Nicieza and Frazer Irving introduce a new Azrael, and the result brings back good memories of the previous incarnation of the character.

Booster Gold #18

Sun, March 15th, 2009 | Category: Review

Dan Jurgens's first storyline comes to a conclusion and shows promise for more to come.

Saga of the Swamp Thing #21

Sat, March 14th, 2009 | Category: Review

Over 25 years later, Alan Moore's, Stephen Bissette's, and John Totleben's "The Anatomy Lesson" is still one of the most stunning revamps of an ongoing comic to date.

Green Lantern Corps #34

Sat, March 14th, 2009 | Category: Review

"Green Lantern Corps" continues to be entertaining and inviting; for a book that's probably perceived as a second-stringer to "Green Lantern," it's doing its best to prove otherwise.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #23

Thu, March 12th, 2009 | Category: Review

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" picks up a mostly forgotten plot point from a year ago in a story that seems determined to annoy, and succeeds.

Top 10 Season Two #4

Wed, March 11th, 2009 | Category: Review

"Top 10 Season Two" supposedly hits the end of the mini-series, but this certainly doesn't feel like the end of the "season."

Secret Six #7

Tue, March 10th, 2009 | Category: Review

The "Secret Six" ongoing series ends its first storyline, with some nice bits peppered throughout to make it all worthwhile.

Cable #12

Mon, March 9th, 2009 | Category: Review

"Cable" seems to be biding its time for now, but this issue's look into Hope's mind almost makes the slow pace of the series worth it.

Conan the Cimmerian #8

Sun, March 1st, 2009 | Category: Review

"Conan the Cimmerian" starts a new story, but it feels like everything stops just as we're getting warmed up.

Jack of Fables #31

Fri, February 27th, 2009 | Category: Review

"Jack of Fables" has all the right elements and ideas, but there's still something that just isn't clicking.

Teen Titans #68

Thu, February 26th, 2009 | Category: Review

"Teen Titans" seems to ignore the past two issues in order to provide a curiously upbeat story... set in Hell.

Superman #685

Thu, February 26th, 2009 | Category: Review

If the latest issue of "Superman" is supposed to make readers excited about "Superman: World of New Krypton," it has a curiously flat way of going about it.

Stormwatch: PHD #19

Thu, February 26th, 2009 | Category: Review

A little goes a long way in the Wildstorm Universe's new bleak, post-apocalyptic nature, and doubly so with the latest incarnation of "Stormwatch."

X-Factor #40

Wed, February 25th, 2009 | Category: Review

After last month's shock ending, "X-Factor" goes for a more introspective, quiet issue, and the result is much more pleasing.

Supergirl #38

Fri, February 20th, 2009 | Category: Review

Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle continue to make "Supergirl" fun again, which is always a pleasant surprise.