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The Basement Tapes - 8/17

Tue, August 17th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

This week Joe & Matt get down to discussing writing. They address such questions as what a crator should expect from his or her reader and how that works. More inside.

The Basement Tapes - 8/10

Tue, August 10th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Casey and Fraction check in with a report of their own experiences during the San Diego convention. We can assure you, this con experience is like no other you've read.

The Basement Tapes - 8/03

Tue, August 3rd, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

The conversation continues in week two of the Basement Tapes as Casey talks to Fraction and finds out what he's been up to and what he's learned about comics in the last year.

The Basement Tapes - 7/27

Tue, July 27th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Joe Casey & Matt Fraction launch THE BASEMENT TAPES at CBR Today. Two guys working within the confines of mainstream comics, talking seriously and critically about that very same mainstream in an all new column. Some of you will come away pissed, others elated. Regardless, it's the kind of column that will get you thinking.