Doug Zawisza

Livonia, MI
Plattsburgh, NY
Jul 7, 2014

Doug Zawisza, also known as the Black Knight, was a Polish knight and nobleman. He served as a soldier and diplomat under the Polish king Wladyslaw II and Hungarian-Bohemian king Sigismund of Luxembourg. During his life, he was regarded as a model of knightly virtues and was renowned for winning multiple tournaments. His nickname is due to his black hair and his custom-made, black armor, which is kept at the Jasna Góra Monastery.

After his death, he was praised by the Polish historian Jan Dlugosz, the poet and Canon of Gniezno Adam Swinka, and by King Sigismund of Luxembourg. Zawisza became a folk hero in Poland, famed for reliability, and loyalty. The Polish Scouts oath reads partly: "...polegac na nim jak na Zawiszy" ('[you can] rely on [a boyscout] as on Zawisza'). A monument to Zawisza at Golubac fortress, Serbia, bears the inscription: "In Golubac, his life was taken by the Turks, the famous Polish knight, the symbol of courage and honor, Zawisza the Black. Glory to the hero!" Several Polish football clubs and other sports teams were named after him, including, Zawisza Bydgoszcz.

FIRST COMIC: "Justice League of America" #192

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Robotman/Cliff Steele

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Uncanny X-Men: First Class #1

Thu, July 9th, 2009 | Category: Review

The all-new Uncanny X-Men are here! Well, most of them. OK, so they're the old all-new X-Men. But it does include Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, and Banshee. Wolverine, too!

War of Kings: Warriors #1

Wed, July 8th, 2009 | Category: Review

"War of Kings" continues to offer new ways for your wallet to maintain that slimmer summertime figure.

Green Lantern #43

Wed, July 8th, 2009 | Category: Review

Billed as a Prologue to "Blackest Night," this issue welcomes Doug Mahnke to the Green Lantern corner of the DC Universe, just in time for a world of creepiness.

War of Kings #5

Sun, July 5th, 2009 | Category: Review

The penultimate chapter of "War of Kings" sets up the final confrontation between the Kree and the Shi'Ar. Other stories have claimed that nothing will ever be the same; this issue delivers.

Jungle Girl: Season 2 #5

Sun, July 5th, 2009 | Category: Review

Dynamite Entertainment's second "Jungle Girl" storyline concludes, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

Green Lantern Corps #38

Wed, July 1st, 2009 | Category: Review

The "Emerald Eclipse" storyline concludes, but this issue doesn't serve to simply mark time nor does it sit as a transition issue. This is an issue for Lantern fans -- new and old -- to start taking the journey into "Blackest Night&quo

Justice League: Cry for Justice #1

Wed, July 1st, 2009 | Category: Review

The long wait for the James Robinson-penned Justice League title is over! Wait. This is the first James Robinson Justice League title. The one that got him the gig to write the other one.

Finding Nemo: Reef Rescue #1

Tue, June 30th, 2009 | Category: Review

Swimming, swimming, just keep swimming. The first issue of Nemo's printed adventures from BOOM! gives Dory a chance to shine. Everyone else has a good time, too.

Invincible Iron Man #15

Tue, June 30th, 2009 | Category: Review

Stop me if you've heard this one: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Maria Hill, Black Widow and Madame Masque all appear in a comic. . .

Wonder Woman #33

Sun, June 28th, 2009 | Category: Review

"Rise of the Olympian" concludes with heads rolling, vows being made and characters stepping down paths they never imagined. It also happens to be a heck of a read.

Justice League of America #34

Thu, June 25th, 2009 | Category: Review

Dwayne McDuffie's run ends more with a whimper than a bang. Sure, there's a bang or two in this issue, but the overall package is spoiled by the events that led to this point.

Predator #1

Wed, June 24th, 2009 | Category: Review

Two decades after first publishing a Predator comic, Dark Horse unleashes the fury of those uglies again.

Iron Fist #27

Wed, June 24th, 2009 | Category: Review

This chapter of the book of "Iron Fist" comes to a close, but how does it end?

Dark Reign: Lethal Legion #1

Wed, June 24th, 2009 | Category: Review

We all know that Norman Osborn's as crooked as they come, but what about the folks he thought were unworthy of sharing in his latest, greatest scheme?

Young Allies 70th Anniversary Special #1

Tue, June 23rd, 2009 | Category: Review

Marvel continues to celebrate their 70th anniversary with yet another special featuring characters from Marvel's past.

The Brave and the Bold #24

Fri, June 19th, 2009 | Category: Review

The Milestone characters begin a run on "The Brave and the Bold" as co-stars. First up is Static, so why not pair him with Black Lightning?

Outsiders #19

Thu, June 18th, 2009 | Category: Review

Emblazoned with a "Batman: Reborn" trade dress, the fifth part of "The Deep" in "Outsiders" welcomes Fernando Pasarin and Jeremy Haun in as pencilers.

Supergirl #42

Wed, June 17th, 2009 | Category: Review

With Superwoman's identity -- and life -- blown to pieces, this title takes a turn, as a plot for revenge against Supergirl begins to percolate.

The Road to the White House: Barack Obama #1

Wed, June 17th, 2009 | Category: Review

IDW continues to ride the "Obama Wave" in comics, offering another Obama-covered comic. The biggest difference is this one is actually about Barack Obama.

Invincible Iron Man #14

Mon, June 15th, 2009 | Category: Review

Tony Stark is on the run, trying to save the world from secrets he has that Norman Osborn wants. In this issue, Tony's quest takes him to Russia, home of the Crimson Dynamo.