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What it is. My name is Kiel, former News Editor of CBR, now staff writer and teacher.

Before I worked for CBR, I was a staff writer at something called Wizard Magazine that used to be around comic shops and stuff.

Aside from the comics stuff, I'm somewhat diligently pursuing a masters degree in writing for children. I live in Chicago now but originally hail from the hardest working town in America: Flint, Michigan. If you ever meet me, remember that I give great high fives.


FIRST COMIC: It's a toss up between "Batman" #436 and "Web of Spider-Man" Annual #4. I bought them both in the same summer, and liked Batman WAY better is all I can recall.

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Tim Drake, Bleu L. Finnegan, Jack Knight, Scott Pilgrim

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Nick Spencer Talks Marvel Exclusivity

Tue, March 8th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

The writer of "Iron Man 2.0" and soon "Secret Avengers," Nick Spencer discusses how the collaboration of Marvel's fabled creative summits helped sway his decision to sign exclusively with the publisher while continuing his current ongoings.

Liefeld Breaches "The Infinite"

Tue, March 8th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

On the heels of announcing a new Image series with Robert Kirkman, Rob Liefeld explains the story behind "The Infinite" and how he's moving forward with new characters, pouches, shoulderpads and guns. UPDATED WITH EXCLUSIVE ART


Mon, March 7th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Writer Nick Spencer returns to CBR for an all-new installment of MORNING GLORY DAYS, explaining the daring and drastic actions Zoe takes in "Morning Glories" #7 while revealing one of the key visual clues to the entire series.

DC Rolls Out "Flashpoint" Mini Creative Teams

Fri, March 4th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

DC Comics releases the covers and creators for the first eight "Flashpoint" event tie-in mini series throughout this Flashpoint Friday. UPDATED: Adam Glass and Rodeny Buchemi explore "Flashpoint: Legion of Doom"

X-Men MMXI: Nick Lowe Unveils A "Schism"

Fri, March 4th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

The editor of the X-line speaks on this week's news and expounds upon the future of the line including the debut of the "Schism" event and teaser as well as word on "X-Factor," "X-Men" and "Astonishing X-Men."

X-Men MMXI: Uncanny X-Men

Thu, March 3rd, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Marvel Comics book-by-book rollout of their new X-Men plans rolls on into Thursday with "Uncanny X-Men" writer Kieron Gillen addressing his plans for the franchise's core from the return to Breakworld to a major "Fear Itself" tie-in.

"Captain America's" Red Skull Debuts In Full

Thu, March 3rd, 2011 | Category: TV, Film

The first full-body shot of actor Hugo Weaving in character as the Red Skull from Marvel's "Captain America: The First Avenger" hits the web as director Joe Johnston discusses Steve Rogers character and the Avengers.

X-Men MMXI: X-Men Legacy

Wed, March 2nd, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Marvel Comics continues its week of X-Men related news as "X-Men: Legacy" writer Mike Carey takes his cast beyond "Age of X" and CBR News was on hand to see how Rogue's newly formed team would take on a run of new villains and more.

Rebranding "The Kubert School"

Wed, March 2nd, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

The legendary comics art family of Joe, Adam and Andy Kubert explain the current changes to their art school, from its new name to its redesigned website and how those elements reflect the school's 35 years of history.

X-Men MMXI: Uncanny X-Force

Tue, March 1st, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Writer Rick Remender joins the discussion for day two of Marvel's week of X-Men related calls, revealing the secrets of "Uncanny X-Force's" future as the team travels to the Age of Apocalypse's world on a top secret mission.

REIGN OF THE DOOMSAYERS: Eddie Berganza, Pt. 2

Mon, February 28th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Dc Comics Executive Editor Eddie Berganza returns to discuss how the Justice League's battle with Doomsday takes over their home base, tease big plans for Superman and show off some exclusive art from the battle!

X-Men MMXI: New Mutants

Mon, February 28th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Marvel Comics announces the incoming team for the "New Mutants" monthly starting with May's issue #25 as Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Leandro Fernandez in their latest conference call with CBR on hand for all the news.

Wacker Redefines Marvel Adventures

Thu, February 24th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

The newly appointed gatekeeper for Marvel Comics focused on attracting younger readers, Steve Wacker spoke with CBR News about the joys of done-in-one stories and his search for the next Rob Liefeld.

Could "kaboom!" Blow Up In Court?

Thu, February 24th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

One obstacle that may lie in the way of BOOM! Studios relaunch of their kids comic line as kaboom! Comics is Rob Liefeld's trademark on "Kaboom," a teen superhero series he published through Awesome Entertainment.

Milestone Creator Dwayne McDuffie has Died

Tue, February 22nd, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Dwayne McDuffie, the acclaimed writer behind Milestone superheroes including "Static Shock" has passed away suddenly, just a day after the premier of his latest project, DC's "All Star Superman" DVD. [UPDATED 1:25 PM PST]

Shane Black Finalizes "Iron Man 3" Deal?

Thu, February 17th, 2011 | Category: TV, Film

Yesterday's rumor looks to step up to today's headline as the "Lethal Weapon" creator and "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" director Shane Black is reportedly in final negiciation's to direct Marvel "Iron Man 3" for pal Robert Downey Jr.

"Cars" Creative Team On Marvel's Pixar Move

Thu, February 17th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Alan J. Porter and Allen Gladfelter, the creators beind the BOOM! comics soon to be reprinted in Marvel's Pixar magazine, talk about hearing the news online and how they'd like to move forward if possible.

Baltazar & Franco Assemble "Young Justice"

Thu, February 17th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

The one-two "Tiny Titans" team of Art Baltazar & Franco age up for the tie-in series for Cartoon Network's "Young Justice" while keeping younger readers engaged with a new series of "Super-Pets" picture books.

Aguirre-Sacasa Tapped For Spidey Broadway Rewrite?

Wed, February 16th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Award-winning comic scribe and playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is reportedly stepping in to stage a rewrite of the beleaguered Broadway production "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" which has taken a critical beating.

BOOM! Responds To Marvel's Pixar Pickup

Wed, February 16th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

The time for comics based on Disney/Pixar films is over for BOOM! Studios, but other popular properties from the Disney catalog from Darkwing Duck to Mickey Mouse will stay put for now as Publisher Ross Richie explains.