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Calling Manga Island - 9/15

Thu, September 15th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Two manga heavyweights team up for a tale of time travel, love, bloodshed, and sacrifice in "King of Wolves" from Dark Horse. What do you get when you combine the art of Kentaro Miura ("Berserk") and the storytelling of Buronson ("Fist of the North Star")? A great one-shot manga for fans of shonen action and historical drama.

Calling Manga Island - 9/01

Thu, September 1st, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This week we explore the monolithic cyber-labyrinths below Manga Island with Tsutomo Nihei's "Blame!" Known for his work on the Wolverine "Snikt" comic, Tokyopop now brings us "Blame!" and Nihei's unique style to manga shelves.

Calling Manga Island - 8/18

Thu, August 18th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Harold Sakuishi sends us to rock and roll Japanese high school in "Beck." With realistic guitars,high school drama and comedy, and a patchwork dog thrown into the mix, "Beck" delivers a page turning tale of growing up. Rockers, students, and rocker/students past and present should turn it up to 11 and jam to this week's Calling Manga Island.

Calling Manga Island - 8/03

Wed, August 3rd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

The world of Original English Manga will never be the same as Felipe Smith's "MBQ" comes charging on the comics scene, bringing with it a cast of characters for the everyman, a comic artist on the edge and more urban drama and comedy than one volume should contain.

Calling Manga Island - 7/21

Thu, July 21st, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Fans of the genre know that the original "Vampire Hunder D" movie ushered in the anime wave of the early 1990s. Now, the original novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi is finally available with art by Yoshitaka Amano. Tony takes a look at the first book in the 13-part series.

Calling Manga Island - 7/07

Thu, July 7th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This week Tony brings a bit of high tension medical drama mixed with tales of revenge and a little sci-fi to Manga Island with Akihito's Yoshitomi's "Ray."

Calling Manga Island - 6/23

Thu, June 23rd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This week Tony takes a look at the classic manga "Grey," which takes readers on a journey to a bleak, apocalyptic future world that sees our hero Grey existing simply to survive and kill. Created by Yoshihsa Tagami, the series features highly detailed that mixes retro and futuristic tech.

Calling Manga Island - 6/09

Thu, June 9th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This week Tony takes a look at the very popular manga "GTO," otherwise known as Great Teacher Onizuka. Created by Tohru Fujisawa, the series takes a humorous look at high school life in Japan, making it perfect summer reading while school's out.

Calling Manga Island - 5/27

Fri, May 27th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Fans of horror comics will enjoy Tony's selection today as he looks at the work of Junji Ito and the horror manga extravaganza "Tomie."

Calling Manga Island - 5/12

Thu, May 12th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

With the imminent return of "Star Wars" to theaters, Tony takes a look at another space-opera, "Crusher Joe," the brainchild of "Dirty Pair" creator Takachiho Haruka.

Calling Manga Island - 4/28

Thu, April 28th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This week Tony leaves the Land of the Rising Sun and checks out the American Manga "Van Von Hunter" by Mike Schwark & Ron Kaulfersch from Tokyopop.

Calling Manga Island - 4/14

Thu, April 14th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This week Tony checks in with Tokyopop's "Planetes," a highly recommended bit of manga that's sure to entertain fans of "The Right Stuff," "Apollo 13" or even your average scifi fan.

Calling Manga Island - 3/31

Thu, March 31st, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Tony takes a look at "Lupin III: World's Most Wanted," the second series of Lupin manga published by Tokyopop, which is the crudest Lupin series to date from the mind of Monkey Punch.

Calling Manga Island - 3/17

Thu, March 17th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Today Tony takes a look at Digital Manga's "Worst," starring a tough guy anti-hero with hard boiled drama, high school hi-jinks and political intrigue. How can you go wrong with that?

Calling Manga Island - 3/03

Thu, March 3rd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Tony takes a look at the cold war era Manga series "Cyborg 009" by Shotaro Ishinomori and released through Tokyopop. Seeing as how this series began publication in 1963, "Cyborg 009" provides a different look at Manga compared to more contemporary product.

Calling Manga Island - 2/17

Thu, February 17th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Tony takes a look at the classic hardcore action manga series "Fist of the North Star." But, with the publisher of the series currently on hiatus, what does it mean for fans of the manga?

Calling Manga Island - 2/03

Thu, February 3rd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This week Tony takes a look at the funny side of Manga with Eiji Nonaka's hillarious "Cromartie High School." "Cromartie High School" follows an honor roll student named Takashi Kamiyama who's enrolled in one of the worst high schools in Tokyo.

Calling Manga Island - 1/20

Thu, January 20th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Your manga education continues this week as Tony takes a look at two works, "Goku: Midnight Eye" and "Kakuto," by one of the Masters of Modern Manga, Buichi Terasawa.

Calling Manga Island - 1/06

Thu, January 6th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This week Tony takes a look at Kantaro Miura's "Berserk," one of the most popular fantasy manga to make it outside the United States and published by Dark Horse.

Calling Manga Island - 12/23

Thu, December 23rd, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Today we launch a new, bi-monthly manga column with your host Tony Salvaggio. To start things off, Tony takes a look at the Manga masterpiece, "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind."