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POLL: Which "Heroes" Character Would You Like to See Return in the New Series?

Sun, February 23rd, 2014 | Category: TV/Film

With NBC bringing back "Heroes" in 2015, which character from the original series would you like to see make a return in "Heroes: Reborn"?

NBC Will Revive "Heroes" in 2015

Sat, February 22nd, 2014 | Category: TV/Film

Tim Kring's superhero television show will return as "Heroes: Reborn," a 13-episode miniseries, while NBC teases the possible return of some of the original cast.

Nothing can stop this week’s SHELF PORN

Sat, February 22nd, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Peter's collection includes graphic novels, books, statues and a whole lot of Juggernaut. Also find out how you can submit your collection to ROBOT 6!

NBC Closes in on their "Constantine"

Fri, February 21st, 2014 | Category: TV/Film

NBC and Warner Bros. are reportedly close to casting "Criminal Minds" alumnus Matt Ryan as DC Comics' occult anti-hero.

Shelf Porn: A Growing Collection of Graphic Novels and More From Canada

Sat, February 15th, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Kyle from Ontario shows off his collection of graphic novels, video games and more on ROBOT 6 today. Also find out how you can submit your own SHELF PORN.

Shelf Porn: Love and romance, comic book style

Sat, February 8th, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Two years after his girlfriend introduced him to comics, Aron from Los Angeles shares with ROBOT 6 his collection of comics with romance-themed covers.

Comics A.M. - Injured Actor Sues "Spider-Man" Musical Producers

Mon, February 3rd, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Actor seriously injured during performance sues producers, others! Japan upset by South Korean exhibit at Angouleme! Interviews with Waid, Lloyd and Stegman!

Spider-Man's Foes Unite in "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Trailer

Sun, February 2nd, 2014 | Category: TV/Film

Following a commercial during the Super Bowl, Sony debuts an "Enemies Unite Sizzle Reel" to promote "Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Robot Dragons, Dinosaurs, Explosions Rock "Transformers: Age of Extinction" Trailer

Sun, February 2nd, 2014 | Category: TV/Film

Mark Wahlberg joins the cast just in time for a slew of new Transformers to blow things up in Paramount's Super Bowl spot for "Transformers: Age of Extinction."

Action, Conspiracy Take Center Stage in "Captain America: Winter Soldier" Trailer

Sun, February 2nd, 2014 | Category: TV/Film

Moments before the Super Bowl begins, a new trailer featuring Captain America, the Falcon, Black Widow, Nick Fury and the Winter Soldier debuts.

Bill Watterson Wins Grand Prix at Angouleme

Sun, February 2nd, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

The "Calvin & Hobbes" creator takes home the biggest prize at the French comics festival, which honors his lifetime achievement.

Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman found dead in New York

Sun, February 2nd, 2014 | Category: TV/Film

Police are investigating the cause of death of the Oscar-winning actor who appeared in "Capote," "Doubt" and "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire."

"Frozen," "The Croods" take home multiple Annie Awards

Sun, February 2nd, 2014 | Category: TV/Film

Honoring "excellence in the field of animation," the 41st Annie Awards recognized "Toy Story of TERROR!," "Futurama," "Adventure Time," "Pacific Rim," "Monsters University," Katsuhiro Otomo and more.

Shelf Porn: This Collection Grew From Muggles to Marvel

Sat, February 1st, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Jordan from California shares her collection of Harry Potter merchandise, comics, video games, toys and more with ROBOT 6. Also find out how you can contribute your own SHELF PORN.

Comics A.M. - Marvel Comics API Launches For Fans, Developers

Fri, January 31st, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Marvel opens its image archive and application programming interface! Morrie Turner memorial set for Sunday. Interviews with G. Willow Wilson, Mick Foley and more!

Shelf Porn: Is there an X-Man in the house?

Sat, January 25th, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

A New York doctor shares his home office and love of comics, X-Men and more with ROBOT 6. Also find out how to submit your own SHELF PORN!

SHELF PORN: ‘Super Boys’ Author Makes his Marvel, Micronauts and More

Sat, January 18th, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Brad Ricca, the author of "Super Boys: The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster — The Creators of Superman" shows ROBOT 6 his shelves! Also find out how to submit your collection.

Belgium’s "Ice Magic" Exhibit Puts Wolverine, Smurfs And More On Ice

Sun, January 12th, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Comic characters from around the world are the subject of an incredible ice sculpture exhibit in Brussels. ROBOT 6 has details.

Shelf Porn: Stand Up And Salute This Captain America Collection

Sat, January 11th, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Illustrator Chris Raimo shares his love for the Star-Spangled Avenger with ROBOT 6, showing off his toys, action figures and more. Also find out how you can share your own collection!

Comic-Con International Explains Elimination of Four-Day Badges

Sat, January 11th, 2014 | Category: Comic Books

Noting they are hoping to "maximize the number of people who can get a badge to attend Comic-Con," CCI explains why they will no longer offer four-day badges in San Diego. ROBOT 6 has more.