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Rob M. Worley is the Eisner-nominated writer of comics, books and screenplays.

Best-known for his all-ages comic book title “Scratch9,” Rob has a wealth of writing experience. He’s worked for nearly every comic publisher in the business, written dozens of published books and completed numerous screenplays. That’s not to mention his status as a pioneer of new media, having developed the movie news site in the early days of the world wide web.

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Hellboy, Over the Hedge, Smallville, Michel Vaillant and More: Comics2Film wrap for August 6, 2003

Wed, August 6th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

'Hellboy' hits in April for an early summer kick-off. 'Over the Hedge' director talks about the new movie. 'Smallville's' Chloe has her own blog now. 'Michel Vaillant' trailer online. 'Teen Titans' continues ratings streak. DC TV schedule for August.

Sonambulo, Constantine, American Splendor, Marvel v Sony, Hulk: Comics2Film wrap for August 5, 2003

Tue, August 5th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

Rafael Navarro's indie comic 'Masks of Sonambulo' is now in development as a movie. Will 'Constantine' roll in September? Giamatti talks about Harvey Pekar and 'American Splendor.' Marvel loses a skirmish in the battle over 'Spider-Man' licensing with Sony. 'Hulk' disappoints overseas.

Punisher Movie: The Punishment Begins Now

Tue, August 5th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

Artisan and Marvel kicked off production on 'The Punisher' with a weekend shoot, a Monday press event and one surprising new announcement: renowned actor Roy Scheider has joined the cast of this "intense urban drama."

Luther Arkwright, Smallville, CrossGen, American Splendor and LXG: Comics2Film wrap for August 4, 2003

Mon, August 4th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

'Luther Arkwright' makes progress. Perry White to appear on 'Smallville.' More 'CrossGen' titles headed for theaters. Does 'American Splendor' have the performance of Paul Giamitti's career? 'LXG' still a top 10 movie in its fourth week.

Smallville, Constantine, Yu-Gi-Oh, Akira, Punisher: Comics2Film wrap for August 1, 2003

Fri, August 1st, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

Rutger Hauer to give Superboy a hard time on 'Smallville.' Stan Winston designs creatures for 'Constantine.' Warner looking to push 'Yu-Gi-Oh' in the states. Norrington drops 'Akira.' Cameras roll on 'The Punisher.'

Hulk, Batman, Teen Titans, DC's Avi, Batman DVD: Comics2Film wrap for July 31, 2003

Thu, July 31st, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

'Hulk' DVD details revealed. Chris Nolan talks about 'Batman' (a tiny bit). 'Teen Titans' helps Cartoon Network cement #1 ranking among kid demos. Wanted: DC's Avi Arad! Easter eggs on 'Batman' and 'Daredevil' DVDs.

Fantastic Four, Spider-Man 2, Hulk, Catwoman and More: Comics2Film wrap for July 30, 2003

Wed, July 30th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

More on 'Fantastic Four' director's exit. Cool 'Spider-Man 2' poster appears online. Marvel stock 'Hulks' out. 'Catwoman' casting rumors. Woo wooed by 'He-Man.' 'Smallville' season 3 starts October 1st. 'Daredevil' virtual concert celebrates the DVD.

Jeremiah, S.M.A.S.Heroes, Batwoman, X2, More: Comics2Film wrap for July 29, 2003

Tue, July 29th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

Straczynski says, 'No' to a third season of 'Jeremiah.' Persistence pays off for 'S.M.A.S.Heroes' creator. 'Batwoman' DVD loaded with extras. 'X2' DVD artwork online. New 'Smallville' season three spoilers online. 'Teen Titans' comic based on TV show based on comics!

American Splendor, LXG, Fantastic Four and Future Comics: Comics2Film wrap for July 28, 2003

Mon, July 28th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

A new film distribution outlet forms around 'American Splendor.' 'LXG' loses box office ground to competitive summer release schedule. Peyton Reed exits 'Fantastic Four.' Future Comics cuts new Hollywood deal. 'Daredevil' DVD winners announced.

THE LAST COMIC-CON STORY: 'Comic Book: The Movie' - a gathering of stars!

Mon, July 28th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

An all star cast of fan favorites like Stan Lee and Mark Hamill and animation voice talents gathered at Comic-Con along to celebrate the upcoming release of 'Comic Book: The Movie.' Also in attendance was the film's biggest star: Comic-Con International itself.

REVIEW: 'Daredevil' DVD a Marvelous Collection

Mon, July 28th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

The 'Daredevil' DVD is due in stores tomorrow. C2F/CBR News takes a look at the double-disc set, overflowing with extras for comic-to-film fans.

Punisher, Smallville, Conan: Comics2Film wrap for July 25, 2003

Fri, July 25th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

'The Punisher' completes casting with seven new actors. 'Smallville' ringing up three minute episodes. 'Conan' still battling in development hell.

MORE FROM SAN DIEGO: 'MirrorMask': McKean and Gaiman's high-fantasy on a low budget

Fri, July 25th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

When Columbia pictures asked Henson Pictures to restart their fantasy film line, Lisa Henson went to Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman. The challenge: make a movie in the vein of 'Dark Crystal' or 'Labyrinth' on an indie film budget. CBR/C2F EXCLUSIVE: Images from the movie!

Hulk, Blade III, Superman, MirrorMask, Batman, Betty & Veronica: Comics2Film wrap for July 24, 2003

Thu, July 24th, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

'Hulk' DVD screens appear online. 'Blade III' gets a designer. McG returning to 'Superman'? You can work on 'MirrorMask.' Watch 'Batman: Dead End' online. More 'Betty and Veronica' details. Superman second only to Oprah!

MORE FROM SAN DIEGO: Gaiman talks about filmmaking, Miracleman and '1602'

Thu, July 24th, 2003 | Category: Comic Books

Neil Gaiman talks to fans at Comic-Con International about '1602', the Miracleman case and his upcoming film and book projects.

Deathlok, Komikwerks, Betty & Veronica, Punisher, Teen Titans: Comics2Film wrap for July 23, 2003

Wed, July 23rd, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

'Deathlok' gets 'Die Another Day' director. Komikwerks enters the Circle of Confusion. 'Betty & Veronica' launch new Archie movie plans. Comic fan subjects himself to punishment as a movie extra. 'Teen Titans' score powerful ratings in kid demos.

MORE FROM SAN DIEGO: Arad, Ziskin, Dykstra and Molina on 'Spider-Man 2'

Wed, July 23rd, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

Producers Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, special effects supervisor John Dykstra and actor Alfred Molina present 'Spider-Man 2' and Doc Ock to Comic-Con.

Spider-Man 2, American Splendor, LXG, Hulk, Marvel/Artisan, Hef's Superbunnies: Comics2Film wrap for July 22, 2003

Tue, July 22nd, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

The official 'Spider-Man 2' site opens with another good look at Ock! 'American Splendor' collects another award. 'LXG' hangs in at #3 while 'Hulk' falls off the charts in the weekend box office. Marvel submits it's bid to buy Artisan. Stan Lee and Hugh Hefner team up and cross over.

MORE FROM SAN DIEGO: Mignola talks about Hellboy

Tue, July 22nd, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

Mike Mignola talks to fans in San Diego about the 'Hellboy' movie, his level of involvement with it, the changes fans can expect and much more!

MORE FROM SAN DIEGO: Pekar, Producers talk 'American Splendor'

Mon, July 21st, 2003 | Category: TV, Film

Harvey Pekar, Joyce Brabner and producer Ted Hope talk about "American Splendor" at Comic-Con International in San Diego.