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Rob M. Worley is the Eisner-nominated writer of comics, books and screenplays.

Best-known for his all-ages comic book title “Scratch9,” Rob has a wealth of writing experience. He’s worked for nearly every comic publisher in the business, written dozens of published books and completed numerous screenplays. That’s not to mention his status as a pioneer of new media, having developed the movie news site in the early days of the world wide web.

FIRST COMIC: Amazing Spider-Man #87


Articles By Rob Worley

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Comics2Film - 3/15

Wed, March 15th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

This week Kevin Eastman gives us the details on F.A.K.K.2. Matt Wagner raves about the Mage screenplay. There's a director for Rat Bastard, casting buzz on From Hell, a sceenplay for Paul Dini and much more!

Comics2Film - 3/08

Wed, March 8th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

This week C2F SPOON-feeds you an insider report on The Tick live-action TV pilot. We also talk to Mike Allred about his G-Men From Hell movie. Check out the news on X-Men, Batman, Spawn and much, much more!

Comics2Film - 3/02

Thu, March 2nd, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

C2F SPECIAL REPORT: Andrew Paquette and James Hudnall score a court victory in their Harsh Realm lawsuit!

Comics2Film - 3/01

Wed, March 1st, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Get the scoop on the animated Thor movie, straight from the director. Check out the casting report on Ghost World. Read interesting director news and rumors on Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Superman and Batman. Much, much more!

Comics2Film - 2/23

Wed, February 23rd, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

This week we talk to the Huja Brothers about the Rat Bastard TV show, Craig Miller about the Elfquest movie and Don Murphy about From Hell. Also, news on Mage, Grendel, X-Men, Superman, Batman Beyond and much more!

Comics2Film - 2/16

Wed, February 16th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

News about the next Batman sequel, plus the direct to video Batman Beyond feature and the latest on X-Men, The Crow, Spider-Man, Asterix and more!

Comics2Film - 2/09

Wed, February 9th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

More exclusive images from the upcoming Faust film, X-Men movie storyboards, plus news on upcoming feature films like Batman 5, Spider-Man, Asterix and much more.

Comics2Film - 2/02

Wed, February 2nd, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Comics 2 Film unveils an exclusive first look at images from the 'Faust' movie. Also, an inteview with Jim Krueger about his 'Foot Soldiers' movie. News on 'Shadowman,' 'The Tick,' 'Spider-Man,' 'Batman' and more!

Comics2Film - 1/27

Thu, January 27th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Comics 2 Film Extra: 20th Century Fox and Chris Carter have changed their position regarding who created the TV show "Harsh Realm."

Comics2Film - 1/26

Wed, January 26th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

A huge week of news for X-Men movie fans, plus the latest on Bone, Batman Beyond, Batman 5, Deadworld and much more!

Comics2Film - 1/19

Wed, January 19th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

The latest on comics headed to Hollywood with news on Torso, Witchblade, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Spider-Man and more!

Comics2Film - 1/12

Wed, January 12th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

The latest news on Lady Death: The Animated Movie with an exclusive look at production stills, plus news on X-Men, Spider-Man, Witchblade and much more.

Comics2Film - 1/05

Wed, January 5th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

The latest from Hollywood and the world of comics with new on the Tick TV Show, X-Men, Batman 5, Stone, Dardevil, Harsh Realm and more.

Comics2Film - 12/29

Wed, December 29th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

In this, the 100th installment of C2F, Rob covers the opening of the official X-Men movie website, plus the Bruce Wayne TV Show, The Tick and the Spider-Man movie.

Comics2Film - 12/22

Wed, December 22nd, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

A huge list of news with the latest on Lady Death: the animated movie (including exclusive production images), more on Mage, The Tenth, X-Men, Iron Man, Baby Blue and much more!

Comics2Film - 12/15

Wed, December 15th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

The latest from Hollywood with exclusive news on the new Mage movie from creator Matt Wagner, plus the latest on Spider-Man, Batman, Asterix and what Dean Cain is up to!

Comics2Film - 12/08

Wed, December 8th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

A huge week for C2F with the latest on productions for Whiteout (including an interview with Greg Rucka), Red Rocket 7, Superman Reborn, The Tick and more!

Comics2Film - 12/01

Wed, December 1st, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

The latest on productions for Spider-Man, X-Men, Astro Boy, Scud, Blade 2, Bruce Wayne, Doc Savage and much more.