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Portland, OR
Jul 27, 1985

Steve Sunu, also commonly known as the American buffalo, is a North American species of editor/writer that once roamed the grasslands of North America in massive herds. His range once roughly comprised a triangle between the Great Bear Lake in Canada's far northwest, south to the Mexican states of Durango and Nuevo León, and east along the western boundary of the Appalachian Mountains. Due to commercial hunting and slaughter in the 19th century, Steve nearly went extinct and is today restricted to a few national parks and other reserves.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Man of Steel: June 3rd Comic Reel

Mon, June 3rd, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

Stewart and Page tease "X-Men: Days of Future Past!" Check out Bucky's bionic arm in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier!" "Man of Steel" cast and crew discuss their work on the film and more!

Bendis Levels Up in Gazillion's "Marvel Heroes" MMO

Mon, June 3rd, 2013 | Category: Video Games

Fan-favorite Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis discusses his story for Gazillion Entertainment's "Marvel Heroes" MMO and how it faithfully interprets the massive scale & scope of the Marvel Universe.

Thor: The Dark World, Man of Steel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier: May 31st Comic Reel

Fri, May 31st, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

New still images from "Thor: The Dark World!" Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer discuss "Man of Steel!" A first look at the Winter Soldier in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" hits the web and more!

DC Debuts Look at Kolins' "Larfleeze" #1 Art

Fri, May 31st, 2013 | Category: Comic Books

With his new, self-titled DC Comics series set to debut in late June, Orange Lantern Larfleeze has uncharacteristically granted CBR permission to share an early look at artists Scott Kolins' work from the first issue.

Analyzing Johns' "Justice League of America" #4 Cliffhanger Ending

Thu, May 30th, 2013 | Category: Comic Books

CBR's Steve Sunu explores what the shocking ending of Geoff Johns and Brett Booth's "Justice League of America" #4 may mean for the DCU's premiere super teams and the way fans view modern comics.

The Wolverine, Guardians of the Galaxy, Arrow: May 30th Comic Reel

Thu, May 30th, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

More details on Yukio and Viper in "The Wolverine" surface! Glenn Close joins "Guardians of the Galaxy!" Stephen Amell discusses what's to come in "Arrow" season two! Plus, "Man of Steel" & more!

X-POSITION: Remender Unites "Uncanny Avengers"

Tue, May 28th, 2013 | Category: Comic Books

"Uncanny Avengers" writer Rick Remender rejoins X-POSITION to answer your questions on the most recent arc, additions to the team roster, the Apocalypse twins and more. Plus, exclusive art!

Singer Reveals Trask Industries Logo In "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Tue, May 28th, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer has revealed the existence of Trask Industries in a behind-the-scenes photo posted to his Twitter.

EXCLUSIVE: Hex Takes On Batwing in "All-Star Western" #21 Cover

Tue, May 28th, 2013 | Category: Comic Books

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at "All-Star Western" #21, featuring a battle between Jonah Hex and Batwing in the series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art by Moritat.

Man of Steel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Wolverine: May 28th Comic Reel

Tue, May 28th, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

General Zod takes center stage in "Man of Steel" TV spot! Joe and Anthony Russo discuss "Captain America: The Winter Soldier!" Hugh Jackman describes reprising his role in "The Wolverine" & more!

Guardians of the Galaxy, Man of Steel, The Avengers 2: May 27th Comic Reel

Mon, May 27th, 2013 | Category: Comic Books

Casting rumors for "Guardians of the Galaxy" continue! A new "Man of Steel" trailer hits the web! Joss Whedon discusses "The Avengers 2!" Plus, what's happening with Marvel & Fox's Quicksilver and more!

WB Releases First Trailer for "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox"

Fri, May 24th, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment have released the first trailer for "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox," the next DCU animated movie based on Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's 2011 event.

Man of Steel, Fantastic Four, Arrow: May 22nd Comic Reel

Wed, May 22nd, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

General Zod has a message for Earth in new "Man of Steel" trailer! Michael B. Jordan discusses casting rumors for "Fantastic Four!" Marc Guggenheim teases the villains in the second season of "Arrow" and more!

X-POSITION: Duggan Retro-Fits "Deadpool"

Tue, May 21st, 2013 | Category: Comic Books

"Deadpool" co-writer Gerry Duggan joins X-POSITION to discuss the series' fake inventory issues, his team-up with Captain America and Wolverine and the book's unconventional co-stars. Plus, exclusive art!

First "Avengers Assemble" Episode Free to Download

Tue, May 21st, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

Marvel and Disney XD have released an official trailer for the upcoming "Avengers Assemble" animated series and posted the first episode free to download until May 25.

Man of Steel, The Wolverine, Ghostbusters 3: May 21st Comic Reel

Tue, May 21st, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

New character posters for "Man of Steel" surface! "The Wolverine" gets a new trailer! Dan Aykroyd discusses the plot of "Ghostbusters 3!" Plus, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" & more!

EXCLUSIVE: Davis Introduces Shazam in "Justice League" #21 Variant

Tue, May 21st, 2013 | Category: Comic Books

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR has an exclusive first look at Shane Davis' variant cover for "Justice League" #21 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, which contains the conclusion of the long-running "Shazam!" story.

Conroy Inadvertently Outs Next "Batman: Arkham" Game

Mon, May 20th, 2013 | Category: Video Games

A Tweet from fan-favorite Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy clarifying his comments at Dallas Comic-Con may have inadvertently revealed a new "Batman: Arkham" game beyond "Arkham Origins."

Conner, Yu, McGuinness & More Cover Marvel NOW! June Variants

Mon, May 20th, 2013 | Category: Comic Books

New variant covers for several Marvel Comics ongoing series, including "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Avengers Assemble" have hit online, featuring artists Ed McGuinness, Amanda Conner, Leinil Yu & more.

First Look at Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Mon, May 20th, 2013 | Category: TV, Film

Bryan Singer has posted a first look at Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence's return as Mystique in "X-Men: Days of Future Past."