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Jul 27, 1985

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The Top 10 Grossing Comic Book Movies of All Time

Wed, May 9th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

With "The Avengers" breaking the all-time opening weekend record, CBR looks at the top ten grossing comic book movies of all time. UPDATED 5/15/12: "The Avengers" leapfrogs up the chart!

"The Avengers 2" Already In The Works

Tue, May 8th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

Less than a week after the premiere of "The Avengers," Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed there will be a sequel to Earth's Mightiest Movie following sequels to "Iron Man," "Thor" and "Captain America."

The Avengers, Prometheus, Iron Man 3: May 8th Comic Reel

Tue, May 8th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige explain the mystery appearance in "The Avengers" post-credits! A leaked "Prometheus" call sheet hits the web! Jessica Chastain turns down "Iron Man 3" role! Plus, "Dredd" and more!

Lemire Announces "Sweet Tooth's" Conclusion in December

Mon, May 7th, 2012 | Category: Comic Books

Vertigo and creator Jeff Lemire have announced the conclusion of Lemire's creator-owned "Sweet Tooth" with issue #40 in December following a final arc entitled "The Wild Kingdom."

The Avengers, Ant-Man, Man of Steel: May 7th Comic Reel

Mon, May 7th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

"The Avengers" continues to shatter box office records! Edgar Wright gives an intriguing "Ant-Man" teaser, Harry Lennix teases his "Man of Steel" character. Plus, "Iron Man 3" and more!

The Secrets of DC's Free Comic Book Day Issue

Sun, May 6th, 2012 | Category: Comic Books

CBR delves into the subtleties and secrets of DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day issue, which opens a Pandora's Box of new questions for the coming year in the DC Universe.

The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus: May 4th Comic Reel

Fri, May 4th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

"The Avengers" hits theaters across the United States! A new trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man!" Logan Marshall-Green expounds on his role in "Prometheus!" Plus, "Oldboy" and more!

EXCLUSIVE: Edmondson & Azaceta Go On "The Ride" for Free Comic Book Day

Fri, May 4th, 2012 | Category: Comic Books

Nathan Edmondson and Paul Azaceta discuss the Free Comic Book Day revival of 12-Gauge's "The Ride" which paves the way for the newest installment of the series, sharing an exclusive look at their story.

The Avengers, Men In Black 3, Prometheus: May 3rd Comic Reel

Thu, May 3rd, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

Joss Whedon is everywhere as "The Avengers" nears release! "Men In Black 3" releases a cornucopia of clips! A "Prometheus" audio puzzle reveals a gruesome clip! Plus, "Amazing Spider-Man" and more!

CBR's New 52 "Second Wave" Roundup

Wed, May 2nd, 2012 | Category: Comic Books

Check out CBR's features and interviews for DC Comics' "Second Wave" of the New 52 launching this week with "Earth 2," "Worlds' Finest" and "Dial H."

POLL RESULTS: Has "Before Watchmen" Controversy Affected Interest in the Prequels

Wed, May 2nd, 2012 | Category: Comic Books

CBR's latest poll results are in, and they indicate that the controversy and discussion of "Before Watchmen" has had an effect on readers' decisions to purchase the upcoming prequels.

The Avengers, 300: Battle of Artemisia, Amazing Spider-Man: May 2nd Comic Reel

Wed, May 2nd, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

Chris Hemsworth & Chris Evans on "The Avengers" deleted scenes! Eva Green on her role in "300: Battle of Artemisia!" New "Amazing Spider-Man" posters! Plus, Tom Cruise in "Van Helsing" reboot and more!

Huntress & Power Girl Feature in Perez & Maguire's "Worlds' Finest" #1 Pages

Tue, May 1st, 2012 | Category: Comic Books

DC has revealed a behind-the-scenes look at George Perez and Kevin Maguire's pages for "Worlds' Finest" #1 written by Paul Levitz. The "Second Wave" title hits stores May 2.

Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man: May 1st Comic Reel

Tue, May 1st, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

The newest trailer for "Dark Knight Rises" hits! A cornucopia of "The Avengers" clips and interviews! New images arise for "Amazing Spider-Man!" Plus a "Dredd" update and more!

The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus: April 30th Comic Reel

Mon, April 30th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

"The Avengers" invade television ads everywhere! Christopher Nolan expounds on "The Dark Knight Rises!" The new international "Prometheus" trailer hits the air! Plus, "Iron Man 3" and more!

Black Cat Steals Her Way Into "The Amazing Spider-Man" Game

Fri, April 27th, 2012 | Category: Video Games

Activision has revealed the Felicia Hardy as the newest villain to appear in "The Amazing Spider-Man" video game based on the upcoming Marc Webb movie of the same name.

The Avengers, Prometheus, Kick Ass 2: April 27th Comic Reel

Fri, April 27th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

Mark Ruffalo talks motion capture in "The Avengers!" "Not one frame" of "Prometheus" will be cut! Mark Millar gives a "Kick Ass 2" update! Plus, "The Wolverine" and more!

Flashpoint, The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man: April 26th Comic Reel

Thu, April 26th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

Is "Flashpoint" getting the next DC Animated Movie? "The Avengers" shatters overseas box office records! "The Amazing Spider-Man" gives fans a first look at Spidey's web-shooters! Plus, "Prometheus" and more!

Most Anticipated Superhero Blockbuster Revealed

Wed, April 25th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

You've voted and the results are in! Discover which summer superhero film CBR readers voted the most anticipated for 2012!

Robot Chicken To Lampoon DC Comics in New Special

Wed, April 25th, 2012 | Category: TV, Film

Adult Swim's stop-motion animation show "Robot Chicken" will produce a new DC Comics episode in the same vein as its Emmy-award winning "Robot Chicken: Star Wars" specials.