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Chris Pratt Hilariously Explains Stunts 101 in "Jurassic World" Featurette

Tue, May 19th, 2015 | Category: Film

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor explains everything we need to know about stunt work from the set of the Universal Pictures film.

DC Comics Moves to Stop Rihanna from Trademarking "Robyn"

Tue, May 19th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

DC Comics claims singer/actress Rihanna application for a trademark for “Robyn” is too similar to the name of Batman’s sidekick.

WATCH: "Pixels" Levels Up With Action-Packed New Trailer

Tue, May 19th, 2015 | Category: Film

It’s Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad versus Centipede, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man in a new trailer for the sci-fi action comedy.

We Haven't Seen The Last Of Lando, Says "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Writer

Tue, May 19th, 2015 | Category: Film

While Billy Dee Williams doesn't appear in "The Force Awakens," Lawrence Kasdan cautions we shouldn't count Lando out of the franchise just yet.

"Mad Max: Fury Road" Sequel Has A Title

Mon, May 18th, 2015 | Category: Film

After confirming "there's more Max to come," director George Miller has revealed the title of his followup to "Fury Road."

Mego World's Greatest Superheroes Vans Hit the Road Again

Mon, May 18th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

After announcing that it will release a reproduction of the classic Mego Batcave playset, Figures Toy Company has revealed it will roll out the Mobile Bat Lab.

"Warcraft" Debuts First Look at Orgrim the Orc

Mon, May 18th, 2015 | Category: Film

"True Blood" alum Robert Kazinsky portrays Orgrim Doomhammer in director Duncan Jones' adaptation of the popular video game series.

"Jem and the Holograms" Actress Says Not to Judge Movie By First Trailer

Mon, May 18th, 2015 | Category: Film

Stefanie Scott, who plays Kimber, insists there much’s to like about Jon M. Chu’s live-action adaptation, which she calls a heartwarming coming-of-age story.

"Dragon Ball Super" Manga to Accompany New TV Anime

Mon, May 18th, 2015 | Category: TV, Comic Books

When the first new Dragon Ball television anime in 18 years debuts in July, it will be accompanied by a manga adaptation.

Photographer And Creator Seth Kushner Passes Away

Mon, May 18th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

The celebrated portrait photographer and comics creator died Sunday following a year-long battle with leukemia.

Simon Pegg Lets Slip Daniel Craig's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Cameo

Fri, May 15th, 2015 | Category: Film

It seems that "Star Wars" rumor was true: The James Bond actor will appear in "The Force Awakens," but we probably won’t see his face.

Chinese Art Teacher Builds His Own 11-Foot Hulkbuster

Fri, May 15th, 2015 | Category: Film

Inspired by an "Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer, a 26-year-old teacher and some of his friends spent two months creating a replica of the Hulkbuster.

Watch "Batman: Arkham Knight's" Dual Play Combat In Action

Fri, May 15th, 2015 | Category: Video Games

A new behind-the-scenes video from Rocksteady Studios offers a look at one of the most anticipated new features of "Batman: Arkham Knight" - Dual Play Combat.

Hot Toys' "Age of Ultron" Vision Figure was Created to be Perfect

Fri, May 15th, 2015 | Category: Film

Hot Toys has at last debuted the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" collectible figure so many have been waiting for: The Vision.

WATCH: Rick and Morty Kill the Simpsons in Hilarious Couch Gag

Fri, May 15th, 2015 | Category: TV

Two animated worlds collide, to tragic if also very funny, results in the opening for Sunday’s season finale of "The Simpsons."

Is GM's Camaro Krypton a "Batman v Superman" Special Edition?

Thu, May 14th, 2015 | Category: Film

General Motors has filed trademark applications that have fueled speculation that the company may roll out an automotive tie-in to "Dawn of Justice."

China's 20-foot Iron Panda Puts the Hulkbuster to Shame

Thu, May 14th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

Forget the Hulkbuster, Iron Legion or Iron Man Mark-whatever. Nothing Tony Stark has squirreled away in his arsenal compares to China’s "Iron Panda."

New "Minions" Trailer Takes Us on an Accident-Filled Tour of History

Thu, May 14th, 2015 | Category: Film

After countless unsuccessful bids to serve masters ranging from T. rex to Napoleon, the henchmen may have found their calling in the new trailer.

DC Collectibles Reveals Second Wave of "Batman: Arkham Knight" Figures

Thu, May 14th, 2015 | Category: Digital Comics, Video Games

DC Collectibles has debuted its second wave of action figures based on the upcoming "Batman: Arkham Knight" video game.

Harry Shearer, Voice of Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders, Exits "The Simpsons"

Thu, May 14th, 2015 | Category: TV

The veteran voice actor has left the animated series after 26 seasons due to a contract dispute. Producers say his many character will continue to appear.