Kelly Thompson

New York City, NY
Mountainview, CA
Jun 28, 2013

My younger brother brought home "Uncanny X-Men" #290 one day from the mall after recognizing Storm from the X-Men cartoon we'd stumbled across. And with that, I had discovered comics, or rather my brother had, but whatever. Love of comics eventually led me to the Savannah College of Art & Design where I got a degree in Sequential Art. Love of comics more recently drove a lot of my blogging, which led Brian Cronin to me and the creation of She Has No Head! and from there the 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast, reviews for CBR, and a comics columnist gig on Lit Reactor. In other words, comics have led me a lot of good places.

I'm the author of the superhero novel The Girl Who Would Be King and the novel Storykiller. I'm represented by The Irene Goodman Agency and managed by Principato Young. I live in Manhattan and love it, but constantly fantasize about returning to Los Angeles so that I can go to Target whenever I want and have less frizzy hair.

FIRST COMIC: "Uncanny X-Men" #290

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Batman and a smorgasbord of female runner ups? Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Cass Cain/Batgirl, Rogue, Emma Frost, Michonne, Agent 355, Big Barda...the list goes on and on.

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Wonder Woman #614

Fri, August 26th, 2011 | Category: Review

Diana finally overcomes her Odyssey.

New Mutants #30

Fri, August 26th, 2011 | Category: Review

Dani Moonstar goes to Hela for help and finds the goddess’ world Hel in need of its own assist. The rest of her team rushes to her aid and ends up in Hell, bargaining with Mephisto.

Spider Island Spider-Girl #1

Sun, August 21st, 2011 | Category: Review

Thanks to “Spider Island,” Anya has spider- powers again and finds herself reinvigorated in her crime fighting. And someone very big is in need of her help.

X-Men: Schism #3

Thu, August 18th, 2011 | Category: Review

The X-Men are attacked by a child genius- led Hellfire Club while attending the opening of a mutant history museum. Cyclops and Wolverine rush to the fight and argue about how to handle the involvement of a young mutant.

X-Men Legacy #253

Sun, August 14th, 2011 | Category: Review

The team finally fights Styx and Endgame, Legion’s final two escaped personalities, and the results of that battle launch them into an entirely new adventure, several thousand light years away.

Batgirl #24

Wed, August 10th, 2011 | Category: Review

An emotional but satisfying and inspiring ending to this good comic book that is departing far too soon.

Detective Comics #881

Tue, August 9th, 2011 | Category: Review

Everything comes to a head in Gotham as Dick and Gordon frantically search for Barbara, kidnapped by her brother James.

Mystic #1

Fri, August 5th, 2011 | Category: Review

Two best friends in unfortunate circumstances have their lives forever changed.

X-23 #13

Fri, August 5th, 2011 | Category: Review

Laura and Gambit travel to Manhattan in search of a boy Laura spared years ago. After dropping Gambit off with an old friend, Laura teams up with Spider-Man to do some big city heroing.

Rachel Rising #1

Thu, August 4th, 2011 | Category: Review

A promising and more than a little intriguing start to Terry Moore’s newest series.

The Intrepids #5

Sun, July 31st, 2011 | Category: Review

Things come to a head as the Intrepids team tracks down Dr. Koi and get a peek at the truth some of them have been suspecting for a while now. Unfortunately, not everyone’s on the same page.

Fables #107

Sat, July 30th, 2011 | Category: Review

We finally catch up with what has happened to Briar Rose post her self-sacrificial purposeful sleep that helped win the war in the Homelands. Mostly, the chick is still asleep.

Generation Hope #9

Sat, July 23rd, 2011 | Category: Review

Hope and her crew are too late to save the latest light to be born, as he succumbs painfully to the pressures of being young and different.

Supergirl #66

Sat, July 23rd, 2011 | Category: Review

Supergirl continues her undercover investigation of missing students at a college at the behest of Lois Lane, while Lois does her own investigation.

Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #2

Fri, July 22nd, 2011 | Category: Review

Amazons attack the big top in search of the “helm of Nabu” and Dick Grayson loses his entire family in the process.

Birds of Prey #14

Fri, July 15th, 2011 | Category: Review

The ladies attend a veterans charity auction with The Phantom Lady, and we flashback to a 1940’s mission against some Nazis who turn out to be very much alive and present at the auction.

Northlanders #42

Fri, July 15th, 2011 | Category: Review

The last epic arc of Brian Wood’s brilliant “Northlanders” series begins here.

The Red Wing #1

Thu, July 14th, 2011 | Category: Review

Dominic and Valin are two new recruits in an endless war that uses time travel to fight its battles. Two “Sons of The Red Wing”, they’ve lost their fathers to this war, but as always with time travel, nothing is quite certain.

Loose Ends #1

Wed, July 13th, 2011 | Category: Review

A kinetic and vibrant new mini-series with a powerful plot punch and massively impressive visuals.

Ozma of Oz #8

Sat, July 9th, 2011 | Category: Review

Dorothy defeats the Nome King and everyone escapes his clutches and returns home joyous. Dorothy eventually returns home, but with a way back to her beloved Oz. Billina wisely decides to stay in Oz. That’s one smart chicken.