Brett White

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New York City

Brett White is a comedian living in New York City. He is a writer for the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre sketch team Everything Rabbits.

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In Your Face Jam - 4/08

Wed, April 8th, 2015 | Category:

In anticipation of the Man Without Fear's Netflix debut, Brett White talks about his Daredevil love and why the hero is more than Marvel's Batman.

Submit Your X-Position Questions for G. Willow Wilson

Wed, April 8th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

G. Willow Wilson is the next guest for X-Position and CBR wants your questions for the "X-Men" writer.

COMIC REEL: Red Hood Rumored For "Suicide Squad"; Black Canary Crosses Over To "Flash" In New Photos

Wed, April 8th, 2015 | Category: TV, Film

Rumors suggest that Jason Todd will have a role in "Suicide Squad"; Laurel and Quentin travel from "Arrow" to Central City and more.

Millar, Di Bonaventura Partner For "Jupiter's Legacy" Adaptation

Wed, April 8th, 2015 | Category: Film

The "Kick-Ass" writer and "Transformers" producer have begun talks to adapt the Image Comics series into a feature film.

X-POSITION: Bunn Guides Magneto & Deadpool Into "Secret Wars"

Tue, April 7th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

Cullen Bunn, writer of "Magneto" & "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars," tackles your questions regarding the tonally disparate series.

"Deadpool's" Skrein Confirmed As Ajax

Tue, April 7th, 2015 | Category: Film

Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson will clash with Ed Skrein's Ajax, a fellow Weapon X dropout with a thirst for vengeance.

OFFICIAL: Russo Brothers To Direct Two-Part "Avengers: Infinity War"

Tue, April 7th, 2015 | Category: Film

Marvel has announced that "Captain America" directors Joe and Anthony Russo will helm the massive Marvel Studios films.

Daredevil Promises To Make Evildoers Pay In New TV Spot

Tue, April 7th, 2015 | Category: TV

The latest promo for the Netflix series features intense action capped off with Marvel's trademark humor.

COMIC REEL: Marvel Teases Animated MCU Tie-Ins; "Avengers" Cast To Assemble On "GMA," "Kimmel"

Tue, April 7th, 2015 | Category: TV, Film

Marvel's cinematic universe may expand into animation; "Age of Ultron's" cast will appear on ABC's shows before the film's release and more.

WATCH: Full Deadpool Suit Caught In Action On Film Set

Tue, April 7th, 2015 | Category: Film

The Merc With a Mouth flips and stalks his way through the movie's Vancouver highway set in new photos and video.

New "Daredevil" TV Spot Steps "Outside The Law"

Mon, April 6th, 2015 | Category: TV

The Daredevil and Kingpin trade tense words amidst chaos in the latest promo for Netflix's upcoming Marvel show.

"Flash" Cast, Crew Tease Killer Frost And Season Two's Villains

Mon, April 6th, 2015 | Category: TV

Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg hopes to introduce Mirror Master and other bad guys in the show's sophomore season.

"Suicide Squad's" Leto Teases Beginning Of Joker Transformation

Mon, April 6th, 2015 | Category: Film

After arriving on "Suicide Squad's" set, Jared Leto has posted the latest Instagram photo teasing his Joker makeover.

COMIC REEL: "LEGO Movie" Directors Rumored To Be Up For "Flash" Film; Gunn Gives "Guardians 2" Updates

Mon, April 6th, 2015 | Category: TV, Film

Lord and Miller may be in the running to helm the live action "Flash" film; James Gunn reveals that Nebula will return and more.

Mad Man Without Fear: The "Daredevil"/"Mad Men" Fancast

Mon, April 6th, 2015 | Category: TV, Comic Books

With the AMC and Netflix dramas taking over pop culture, we reimagine the upcoming Marvel series with actors from "Mad Men."

Valiant Announces X-O Manowar Wedding Spectacular

Fri, April 3rd, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

Robert Venditti and Rafa Sandoval will craft the tale uniting Aric of Dacia with Saana of Loam, which arrives in stores in July.

Eisenberg On His Lex Luthor Transformation: "It's Terrifying"

Fri, April 3rd, 2015 | Category: TV, Film

During an appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Jesse Eisenberg revealed the fear he felt regarding his villainous makeover.

COMIC REEL: Elektra & Bullseye "On The Radar" For "Daredevil" Season 2; Momoa Talks Aquaman Suit, "Justice League"

Fri, April 3rd, 2015 | Category: TV, Film

Showrunner Steven DeKnight teases where "Daredevil" may go; Jason Momoa reveals status of "Justice League" script and more.

In Your Face Jam - 4/03

Fri, April 3rd, 2015 | Category:

Following the reveal of "Deadpool's" R rating, Brett White offers the case for a more inclusive rating.

First "Deadpool" Set Pics Reveal Scarred Ryan Reynolds

Thu, April 2nd, 2015 | Category: Film

Co-star Morena Baccarin can also be seen in the first photos from the "Deadpool" set.