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Hello! I'm Albert Ching, managing editor at CBR. I've been writing about comic books professionally in one form or another since 2006 and thoroughly unprofessionally for about a decade before that. In my journalism career, I've also written about music, TV, movies, visual art, opera, modern dance, pro wrestling and frisbee. I'm a semi-frequent contributor to The Atlantic, and once appeared on a Canadian radio show as a "Dancing with the Stars" expert. One time I interviewed Newt Gingrich at a Barnes and Noble.

I'm originally from Tempe, Arizona, but was lured out to Southern California after repeated viewings of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." By the time I figured out that most of what passed for San Dimas was actually filmed a few miles away from my parents' home in AZ, it was already too late.

FIRST COMIC: The first series I actively pursued every issue of was Archie's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" book, which was considerably more bonkers than the cartoon in all the right ways (Cudley the Cowlick?).


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"Walking Dead" Showrunner Releases Statement on Major Character's Fate

Sun, October 25th, 2015 | Category: TV

Tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead" may have changed things in a big way for the show, and Scott M. Gimple shared insight on the situation.

Kricfalusi 'Breaks the Rules' in This Year's "Simpsons" 'Treehouse of Horror' Opening

Sun, October 25th, 2015 | Category: TV

"Ren & Stimpy" creator John Kricfalusi and "Simpsons" showrunner Al Jean talk how this year's "Treehouse of Horror" couch gag came together.

Jim Lee Shares Finished Version of His "Dark Knight III" Variant Cover

Fri, October 23rd, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

Jim Lee takes on the aged "Dark Knight" Batman and Carrie Kelley in the latest variant cover for "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" #1.

Wright, Depp On Board Film Adaptation of Gaiman’s "Fortunately, the Milk"

Fri, October 23rd, 2015 | Category: Film

Four major names unite, as Edgar Wright, Johnny Depp and Bret McKenzie are all attached to adapt the 2013 Neil Gaiman's children's book.

EXCLUSIVE: "Deadpool" Variant Homages Vanilla Ice's "To The Extreme"

Fri, October 23rd, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

Alright, stop: Mike Hawthorne combines Vanilla Ice and Deadpool in Marvel's latest hip-hop variant, and CBR has the exclusive first look.

Silver Age Artist Murphy Anderson Passes Away at 89

Fri, October 23rd, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

Murphy Anderson, a Hall of Fame artist best known for his work at DC Comics on characters including Hawkman and Zatanna, has passed away at age 89.

Marvel Announces New "Punisher" Series, "International Iron Man" and More

Fri, October 23rd, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

A new "Punisher" is on the way from Becky Cloonan & Steve Dillon, Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev reunite for "International Iron Man," plus more from Marvel.

Millar & Immonen Team for "Empress" at Marvel's Icon Imprint

Thu, October 22nd, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

Mark Millar returns to Icon for his latest creator-owned series, illustrated by Stuart Immonen and titled "Empress."

New Details, Photo From Constantine's "Arrow" Appearance Revealed

Thu, October 22nd, 2015 | Category: TV

Matt Ryan reprises his "Constantine" lead role in two weeks on "Arrow," and a new photo and episode description have been released.

Jim Lee "Can't Wait to Share" the Awesomeness of "Dark Knight III"

Thu, October 22nd, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

The DC Comics Co-Publisher spoke with CBR about the legacy of Bob Kane, the anticipation level for "Dark Knight III" and the current Bat-books.

"Ant-Man" Director in Talks to Return for Sequel

Wed, October 21st, 2015 | Category: Film

Director Peyton Reed is reportedly "in negotiations" to return for Marvel Studios' 2018 sequel, "Ant-Man and the Wasp."

Zack Snyder 'Really Excited' About the Dark Knight of "Batman v Superman"

Wed, October 21st, 2015 | Category: Film

Director Zack Snyder talks to CBR News about crafting a new on-screen Caped Crusader for next spring's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Zdarsky Brings Jaxxon to "Star Wars: Vader Down" Variant Cover

Tue, October 20th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

The obscure, rabbit-like "Star Wars" comics character returns for a confrontation with Darth Vader on Chip Zdarsky's "Vader Down" variant cover.

Support for "Captain America" Writer Nick Spencer Outpaces Negative Petition

Tue, October 20th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

Though some have criticized the first issue of "Captain America: Sam Wilson" as being anti-conservative, support appears to outweigh the criticism.

'The Truth is Still Out There' in Latest "X-Files" Promo Video

Mon, October 19th, 2015 | Category: TV

With the revival's debut just a little more than three months away, Fox released a short new "X-Files" trailer during Monday night's "Gotham."

"Robin War" Ends as "Edge of Oblivion" Begins, More DC January Highlights

Mon, October 19th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

CBR takes a deeper look at DC Comics' January 2016 solicitations, ranging from the end of "Robin War" to the start of a new "Green Lantern" series.

David Tischman Explores Superhero Fashion in "Heroine Chic"

Mon, October 19th, 2015 | Category: Comic Books

Vertigo veteran David Tischman debuts on LINE Webtoon with "Heroine Chic," illustrated by Audrey Mok and taking on superhero costumes.

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Smith and the "Comic Book Men" Chat Time Periods

Fri, October 16th, 2015 | Category: TV

In an exclusive new clip from the fifth season premiere of AMC's "Comic Book Men," the gang talk what time periods they'd like to visit.

Hulk to Smash "Thor: Ragnarok": Marvel Studios Reportedly Near Deal

Thu, October 15th, 2015 | Category: Film

Marvel Studios is reportedly "near a deal" for Mark Ruffalo to reprise his role as the Hulk in 2017's "Thor: Ragnarok."

First Image, Episode Description Released for "Supergirl" Episode 2

Thu, October 15th, 2015 | Category: TV

The "Supergirl" pilot has been screened at conventions for months, but now fans can get an idea of what's in store for the second episode.