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Master Of The Obvious - 6/14

Wed, June 14th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Does anything shock us anymore? Is there anything in today's comics that really shocks? Examining the use of shocking material in today's storytelling.

Master Of The Obvious - 6/07

Wed, June 7th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

The embattled writer. They seem to take the brunt of the crap from fans on the net. Where did this lack of manners come from?

Master Of The Obvious - 5/31

Wed, May 31st, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

With the advent of cable, Hollywood faced one of it's biggest challenges ever and succeeded. Steven shows us what the comics industry can learn from Hollywood.

Master Of The Obvious - 5/24

Wed, May 24th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

The grim reality that faces today's freelance writer. What to expect, how to do it and how not to get burned.

Master Of The Obvious - 5/17

Wed, May 17th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Steven reacts to Marvel's recent announcements regarding the future of the company and doesn't hold back!

Master Of The Obvious - 5/10

Wed, May 10th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

The inherent silliness of comics, it's evolution and why silly comics are rarely silly.

Master Of The Obvious - 5/03

Wed, May 3rd, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Steven discusses the negative fan reaction when an established creator breaks new ground by going out on their own using Warren Ellis' recent announcements as an example.

Master Of The Obvious - 4/26

Wed, April 26th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Steven discusses the proper use of dialogue in comics and thoughts on Frank Miller's return to the Dark Knight.

Master Of The Obvious - 4/19

Wed, April 19th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Steven Grant finally answers his most frequently asked question, 'What's the secret of writing?'

Master Of The Obvious - 4/12

Wed, April 12th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Steven's on vacation, but turns his column over to fan Kristian Horn who answers the question, "What's good about the comic industry?"

Master Of The Obvious - 4/05

Wed, April 5th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Steven Grant shares his thoughts on the battle currently waging between Steranko and Marvel and his thoughts about how things are and should be.

Master Of The Obvious - 3/29

Wed, March 29th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

A look at various industry awards, from the Academy Awards to the many awards given in the comics industry.

Master Of The Obvious - 3/22

Wed, March 22nd, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

An issue entitled "My Year of Shame," Steven discusses his days working for an upstart comics company called TSR Comics.

Master Of The Obvious - 3/15

Wed, March 15th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Does Steven Grant like comics? Plus, why Steven liked being able to say he worked in the same business as Howard Chaykin.

Master Of The Obvious - 3/08

Wed, March 8th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Comic pros use and dependence on storytelling shortcuts in the creative process.

Master Of The Obvious - 3/01

Wed, March 1st, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

What we've been calling the "graphic novel" really doesn't come close to that designation and Steven Grant explains why.

Master Of The Obvious - 2/23

Wed, February 23rd, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Comics aren't just for boys and Steven Grant points out some comics young girls might enjoy. A must read for any parent trying to turn their daughter onto comics.

Master Of The Obvious - 2/16

Wed, February 16th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

What is it that comics are missing today? Much has been said, but Steven found the answer last weekend. All story tellers should read this issue of MOTO.

Master Of The Obvious - 2/09

Wed, February 9th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

The real life economics of working in comics. Is there money to be made in this profession?

Master Of The Obvious - 2/02

Wed, February 2nd, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

In a very special Master of the Obvious, Steven Grant remembers his friend and collaborator Gil Kane who died earlier this week. Grant reminisces about Kane's early work in the industry, times spent working together and the work that sadly won't be seen.