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Man of Action, Artist of Steel: Rouleau talks 'Action Comics'

Mon, October 14th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Superman]'Action Comics' artist Duncan Rouleau talks about the challenges of working on a major icon like Superman, addresses his detractors, sets the record straight on his artistic style and discusses a number of upcoming projects coming from this Man of Action.

Getting 'Drunk' On Justice: Champagne talks 'JSA'

Wed, October 9th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[JSA]Inker Keith Champagne talks about working on DC's 'JSA,' the process of inking, what his dream projects are and much more.

Let's Go Legionnaire! Steve Lightle Returns to the Legion!

Mon, October 7th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Umbra]Steve Lightle returns to familiar ground supplying art for an Umbra story in an upcoming issue of DC's 'The Legion.'

Parlez Vous 'Success?': Eric J & Arvid Nelson Talk 'Rex Mundi'

Mon, September 30th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Rex Mundi]The 'Rex Mundi' creators talk at length about the series and it's official launch this December with a primer on the story and a look at art from the issue #1, where they're headed with the book, plus a look at their first year experiences on the convention circuit.

Superheroes Meet The Real World: Gray and Palmiotti talk '21Down'

Wed, September 25th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[21 Down]'21Down's' Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray discuss their new book, it's background and how it got off the ground, where the book is headed with a look at issues 2 and 3 and what you can expect from these two creators.

Vertigo's 'Last (Wo)Man' Standing: Pia Guerra Talks About Hit Series 'Y'

Fri, September 20th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Y - The Last Man]Series artist Pia Guerra discusses her work on 'Y - The Last Man,' her working process with writer Brian Vaughn and how perseverance and some patience got her a job in comics. UPDATED with new artwork.

Getting Hip to Interlac: DnA talk 'Legion'

Mon, September 16th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Legion #12]Series writers Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett discuss the upcoming 'Legion #12' which features Legion vs. the JLA, why this battle is taking place and where it all leads to.

By The "Powers" Invested in Oeming: Artist Talks Upcoming Projects

Fri, September 13th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Hammer of the Gods]Michael Avon Oeming discusses his work on 'Powers,' what's coming next for 'Hammer of the God' and he reveals details on the upcoming 'Parliament of Justice.'

The Best At What He Does, Bub: Axel Alonso talks 'Wolverine'

Mon, September 9th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Wolverine #182]New 'Wolverine' editor discusses what he brings to the title and the changes you can expect under his guidance. Preview of 'Wolverine #181.'

The JSA's Next Chairman?: new writer Jim Beard talks 'JLA/JSA: SF&O'

Mon, August 26th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[JLA/JSA]First time comics writer Jim Beard discusses what it's like selling his first script to DC, what role Geoff Johns played in getting the gig and a bit about 'JLA/JSA: Secret Files & Origins.'

Happily Ever After: Bill Willingham talks 'Fables'

Thu, August 22nd, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Fables]Bill Willingham talks about 'Fables,' the Vertigo series that looks at what's happened to our favorite fairy tale characters. What's the series about, what's coming next and is he comfortable with the book being called the next 'Sandman?'

'Rising' To The Occasion: TOKYOPOP Talks Manga Competition

Tue, August 20th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Tokyopop]TOKYOPOP details a new talent competition which will net the winning artist up to a $2500 cash prize.

Mike Carey, God of Love?: writer talks about 'My Faith In Frankie'

Mon, August 19th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Vertigo]Writer Mike Carey talks in depth about his upcoming creator-owned mini-series entitled 'My Faith in Frankie' coming from Vertigo in 2003.

A Real Hellblazer: Peter Gross talks 'Lucifer'

Thu, August 15th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Lucifer]'Lucifer' artist Peter Gross discusses how he tackles his art and talks about the early days of his career.

Making His Move: McKeever talks ComicsMover.Com

Mon, August 12th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Comics Mover]Writer Sean McKeever's next gig is in the digital world, connecting retailers to each other in an effort to move stagnating stock.

Collins' 'Road' To The Future

Wed, August 7th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Max Allan Collins]During a panel at CCI, 'Road to Perdition' author Max Allan Collins talks candidly and shares his opinions on the product of the film, leaving comics and then coming back, and what can be learned from the success of this film.

Wizard of Hicksville: Horrocks talks 'Hunter: Age of Magic'

Tue, August 6th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Hunter]Eisner Award winner Dylan Horrocks discusses the what the future holds for the Vertigo series, 'Hunter: Age of Magic,' plus what he has coming next and thoughts on the industry.

SAN DIEGO, DAY 4: Todd And David Get It On

Mon, August 5th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Comic-Con International]Todd McFarlane and Peter David square off in a 'no question is sacred' interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

SAN DIEGO, DAY 3: Smallville's Men of Steel

Sun, August 4th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Smallville]The executive producers behind the hit television series talk about the future of the series and reveal what Clark Kent last words to Bruce Wayne will be- and, oh yeah, Whitney's gone.

SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: A Clearer Image: Valentino, Blaylock, Mack and others reveal plans

Sat, August 3rd, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Image Comics]The Image Family discusses their future projects and Colleen Doran lets loose some details on her DC projects.