Augie De Blieck Jr.

Wayne, NJ
North Haledon, NJ
Mar 3, 1976

I started reading comics at the ripe old age of 13, well after most of my peers got hooked by that "G.I. Joe" commercial. But I haven't stopped reading since. I gave up counting how many comics sit in longboxes throughout the house years ago. Someday soon, I hope to count my comics by the megabyte.

My entrée into the world of writing about comics was in the letters columns of the 1990s, most prominently in "Savage Dragon" and DC's "Star Trek" series. I entered the on-line world -- well, back in 1986 on Q-Link, but I wasn't reading or talking about comics yet at that point, so nevermind. I started up on USENET and CompuServe in the mid-1990s, and eventually tried writing my own review column (creatively titled "Augie's Reviews"), which eventually became Pipeline in 1998. Pipeline has run every week since, without a break, and even ran twice a week for a couple of years, and alongside the first comic book podcast for nearly six years. I was the original editor of CBR's "The Commentary Track" feature, and now edit the CBR Reviews section.

I'm a computer programmer by trade, and a photographic enthusiast in addition to my sequential narrative habit. My wife enjoys Tom Beland's "True Story, Swear to God," while my daughter enjoys the works of Sandra Boynton, Dr. Seuss, and a tattered copy of "Little Lulu."

FIRST COMIC: "Amazing Spider-Man" #318

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Savage Dragon, Ultimate Spider-Man, Oracle, Jubilee, Asterix, Largo Winch

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Pipeline - 5/05

Fri, May 5th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Pipeline2 takes its first major look into the world of manga comics, with Super Manga Blast! #1.

Pipeline - 5/02

Tue, May 2nd, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

This week, Augie celebrates one full year of Pipeline at CBR with a heap of reviews,including the latest issues of Action Comics, Thunderbolts, Top Ten, X-Force, and more!

Pipeline - 4/28

Fri, April 28th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

This week, Pipeline looks at three comics and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of their art. It's sequential storytelling lessons with JUDGE, Batman: Gotham Knights, and X-Man as the textbooks.

Pipeline - 4/25

Tue, April 25th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Augie takes a look at all the first issues that came out last week, including Powers, Orion, F5, Rumble Girls, and Wahoo Morris. Just in case that wasn't enough, there's also a preview of Sidekicks and a blind news item.

Pipeline - 4/21

Fri, April 21st, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

This week, Augie clears up some misconceptions on Pipeline, as well as some specific points that have come up in reaction to last week's column. So put on your flame retardant suit and click here!

Pipeline - 4/18

Tue, April 18th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

It's the 150th issue of Pipeline! Lots of reviews this week, including the latest issues of The Punisher, Young Justice, Generation X, and Steampunk. Also, looks at Barry Ween, Aria/Angela, and Gen13/Superman.

Pipeline - 4/14

Fri, April 14th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

First, some words from a reader who can only be described as Pipeline's Biggest Fan. Following that, a look at some of the categories in this year's Eisner Awards.

Pipeline - 4/11

Tue, April 11th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

It's a whole smattering of reviews this week, as Pipeline looks at Chris Claremont's return to Uncanny X-Men, and a mix of good and bad Superman titles; Plus reviews of Blue Monday, Batgirl, Sam & Twitch, and more! As a special bonus, this week we have a very special "What the heck is Frank Miller thinking?" poll!

Pipeline - 4/07

Fri, April 7th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Pipeline2 delivers some more reviews for the week, including a hard look at the new Gear Station's computer effects, and looks at Grendel, Rising Stars, X-Force, and more.

Pipeline - 4/04

Tue, April 4th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

This week, Pipeline takes a look at what's in your future, with comics arriving in stores in June; Plus a look at the latest Astronauts in Trouble mini-series and some updates on last week's columns.

Pipeline - 3/31

Fri, March 31st, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

In this second part, Augie dissects DC's recent fifth week event, Sins of Youth. Can Peter David and Todd Nauck pull off a credible ending? Read Pipeline2 to find out!

Pipeline - 3/28

Tue, March 28th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Augie takes a long hard look at the books in DC's "Sins of Youth" event week. Is this the best 5th week event DC has ever done?

Pipeline - 3/24

Fri, March 24th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

In part two of his exploration into the concept of open source comics, Augie proposes the Comic Book Public License.

Pipeline - 3/21

Tue, March 21st, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

A detailed look at the 100th issues of X-Men and Superman: The Man of Steel; Plus shorter reviews of Strange Kiss, X-Man, Young Justice, and more!

Pipeline - 3/17

Fri, March 17th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Where do computer programming methodologies and comic books mix? This week in Pipeline2, Augie examines the potential of

Pipeline - 3/14

Tue, March 14th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

A preview of Image's new Wahoo Morris series; Plus reviews of J.U.D.G.E. #1, Generation X, Adventures of Superman, and more!

Pipeline - 3/10

Fri, March 10th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Finals words on both the writer/artist and ABC challenger topics; Plus a look at comics hitting the comic shop in May.

Pipeline - 3/07

Tue, March 7th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Lots of reviews, including Batgirl #2, Savage Dragon #71, Gen Active #1, Batman Gotham Adventures #24, as well as Fantasia 2000; Plus, the return of the Pipeline Ad of the Week.

Pipeline - 3/03

Fri, March 3rd, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

Jim Salicrup comments on the passing of George Roussos; Augie presents his picks for best writer/artist.

Pipeline - 2/29

Tue, February 29th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

The new issue of Batman sets Augie off into a brief lesson in comic book dialogue; Plus reviews of Authority #12, Flash #159, and Action Comics #764.