Augie De Blieck Jr.

Wayne, NJ
North Haledon, NJ
Mar 3, 1976

I started reading comics at the ripe old age of 13, well after most of my peers got hooked by that "G.I. Joe" commercial. But I haven't stopped reading since. I gave up counting how many comics sit in longboxes throughout the house years ago. Someday soon, I hope to count my comics by the megabyte.

My entrée into the world of writing about comics was in the letters columns of the 1990s, most prominently in "Savage Dragon" and DC's "Star Trek" series. I entered the on-line world -- well, back in 1986 on Q-Link, but I wasn't reading or talking about comics yet at that point, so nevermind. I started up on USENET and CompuServe in the mid-1990s, and eventually tried writing my own review column (creatively titled "Augie's Reviews"), which eventually became Pipeline in 1998. Pipeline has run every week since, without a break, and even ran twice a week for a couple of years, and alongside the first comic book podcast for nearly six years. I was the original editor of CBR's "The Commentary Track" feature, and now edit the CBR Reviews section.

I'm a computer programmer by trade, and a photographic enthusiast in addition to my sequential narrative habit. My wife enjoys Tom Beland's "True Story, Swear to God," while my daughter enjoys the works of Sandra Boynton, Dr. Seuss, and a tattered copy of "Little Lulu."

FIRST COMIC: "Amazing Spider-Man" #318

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Savage Dragon, Ultimate Spider-Man, Oracle, Jubilee, Asterix, Largo Winch

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Pipeline - 1/04

Tue, January 4th, 2000 | Category: Comic Books

The new year starts off with more than a dozen comic reviews. Included is The Savage Dragon, I Die At Midnight, Superman Y2K, and Pulp Fantastic.

Pipeline - 12/31

Fri, December 31st, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

With the new year approaching, Augie takes a look at the 4 new comics companies looking to establish themselves in 2000.

Pipeline - 12/28

Tue, December 28th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Frank Miller's mini-series is collected in a unique format, March 2000 comics are solicited, and the winners of last week's Desperate Times contest are announced.

Pipeline - 12/24

Fri, December 24th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Augie's long awaited Letterhacking column is here. Learn from a pro how to get your letter printed in comics.

Pipeline - 12/21

Tue, December 21st, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

The year's best books get nods, plus reviews of New Warriors #5, Mr. Majestic #6, and Alan Moore's Deathblow Byblows mini-series.

Pipeline - 12/17

Fri, December 17th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Augie takes a long look at Marvel's 'Thunderbolts' and puts Fabian Nicieza's first issue under the microscope.

Pipeline - 12/14

Tue, December 14th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

As the year draws to a close, Augie takes a look at some of the biggest disappointments of 1999; Plus reviews of Strange Kiss #1, Deadpool #36, X-Men: The Hidden Years #3, and Rising Stars #3.

Pipeline - 12/10

Fri, December 10th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

A close examination of the Claremont years on Marvel's 'X-Men.'

Pipeline - 12/07

Tue, December 7th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Augie reviews hardcovers Son of Superman and The Chalice; Plus reviews of books by the creative team of the late and lamented The Copybook Tales.

Pipeline - 12/03

Fri, December 3rd, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Augie takes a look at the most underappreciated segment of the comics industry, lettering.

Pipeline - 11/30

Tue, November 30th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

What do The Iron Giant, Savage Dragon, The Authority, Hardcover comic collections and Art Adams have in common? Nothing other than they're all in this issue of Pipeline!

Pipeline - 11/26

Fri, November 26th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

The Hard Cover comic book. Is it a better way of packaging a comic and are they usually worth it? Plus reviews of Wildcats #6 and Danger Girl #6.

Pipeline - 11/23

Tue, November 23rd, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

A review of the National Convention held in New York City, plus reviews of books like Daredevil #9, Stupid Stupid Rat Tails #1, 100 Bullets #6 and more.

Pipeline - 11/19

Fri, November 19th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Augie presents his proposal for how best to handle the Gen13 kids. Regardless how you feel about the book, these ideas will strike a chord in every one of you.

Pipeline - 11/16

Tue, November 16th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Augie reviews some recent releases such as New Warriors #4, M.Rex #1, Witching Hour #1, a critique of the recent Superman covers, and gives a look at Art Adams and his recent work.

Pipeline - 11/12

Fri, November 12th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

It's Reader Appreciation Week, Part 2, where Augie fields your letters on Superman,

Pipeline - 11/09

Tue, November 9th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Augie covers a bunch of subjects in this column, including looks at the new Superman books; Plus a comparison between the X-books shake-up of today and what happened 15 years ago.

Pipeline - 11/05

Fri, November 5th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

It's reader appreciation week where Augie answers your questions on a wide variety of subjects.

Pipeline - 11/02

Tue, November 2nd, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Augie takes a long look at Gon Underground, plus a discussion of recent issues of Authority, Hellblazer, Proposition Player & an in-depth review of Giantkiller.

Pipeline - 10/29

Fri, October 29th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

It's the ultimate showdown as Augie pits The Matrix vs. Grant Morrison's Invisibles, plus your responses to the Fight Scene column.