Augie De Blieck Jr.

Wayne, NJ
North Haledon, NJ
Mar 3, 1976

I started reading comics at the ripe old age of 13, well after most of my peers got hooked by that "G.I. Joe" commercial. But I haven't stopped reading since. I gave up counting how many comics sit in longboxes throughout the house years ago. Someday soon, I hope to count my comics by the megabyte.

My entrée into the world of writing about comics was in the letters columns of the 1990s, most prominently in "Savage Dragon" and DC's "Star Trek" series. I entered the on-line world -- well, back in 1986 on Q-Link, but I wasn't reading or talking about comics yet at that point, so nevermind. I started up on USENET and CompuServe in the mid-1990s, and eventually tried writing my own review column (creatively titled "Augie's Reviews"), which eventually became Pipeline in 1998. Pipeline has run every week since, without a break, and even ran twice a week for a couple of years, and alongside the first comic book podcast for nearly six years. I was the original editor of CBR's "The Commentary Track" feature, and now edit the CBR Reviews section.

I'm a computer programmer by trade, and a photographic enthusiast in addition to my sequential narrative habit. My wife enjoys Tom Beland's "True Story, Swear to God," while my daughter enjoys the works of Sandra Boynton, Dr. Seuss, and a tattered copy of "Little Lulu."

FIRST COMIC: "Amazing Spider-Man" #318

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Savage Dragon, Ultimate Spider-Man, Oracle, Jubilee, Asterix, Largo Winch

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Pipeline - 2/21

Sun, February 21st, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Augie looks at the 'Savage Dragon: Team-Ups' book. Plus, some corrections to a bunch of recent columns.

Pipeline - 2/14

Sun, February 14th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

A couple of flashback reviews this week: An Erik Larsen issue of 'Adventures of Superman' and Keith Giffen's 'The Heckler' #3.

Pipeline - 2/07

Sun, February 7th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Whither Marvel and CBG? Plus, reviews aplenty, including 'Vext', 'Planetary', and 'Batman: Gotham Adventures'.

Pipeline - 1/31

Sun, January 31st, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Pipeline Idiot of the Week: Martin Wagner. Plus, reviews of 'The March Hare', 'X-Men', and 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'.

Pipeline - 1/24

Sun, January 24th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

'Divine Right' goes sideways! Reviews of 'Captain America', 'Superboy', and 'Gen13' round out the column.

Pipeline - 1/17

Sun, January 17th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

'Batman: Mad Love' gets animated. 'Aria' debuts. And some storytelling lessons from recent comics.

Pipeline - 1/10

Sun, January 10th, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

A quick year-end recap, and a whole bunch of reviews too numerous to list here.

Pipeline - 1/03

Sun, January 3rd, 1999 | Category: Comic Books

Reviews of The Kingdom 5th week event, the latest offerings from the increasingly-prolific Erik Larsen, and movie reviews.

Pipeline - 12/20

Sun, December 20th, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

Augie offers his eulogy for the departing Gladstone Comics.

Pipeline - 12/14

Mon, December 14th, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

Lots of impending comics cancellations, a new search engine, and why Iron Man is Marvel's James Bond.

Pipeline - 12/06

Sun, December 6th, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

Augie reviews the JLA of Christmases Past, Present, and Future.

Pipeline - 12/02

Wed, December 2nd, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

DC's hardcover CRISIS edition was misprinted, and Augie has a lot to say about that.

Pipeline - 11/29

Sun, November 29th, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

It's time for the 'Wizard Year-End Spectacular' and a trio of reviews that could only be called 'The Erik Larsen Hat Trick.'

Pipeline - 11/22

Sun, November 22nd, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

Kyle Baker's 'You Are Here' heads up a column that also includes Mark Millar's 'Superman Adventures.'

Pipeline - 11/15

Sun, November 15th, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

Augie attends a local convention and meets The Dukes of Hazzard's Sheriff Enos.

Pipeline - 11/08

Sun, November 8th, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

Comments and follow-ups on Buffy, Clan Apis, and more.

Pipeline - 11/01

Sun, November 1st, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

Why Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2 is a very very bad comic.

Pipeline - 10/27

Tue, October 27th, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

An interview with Dan Jurgens gets Augie to explain why the Superman books suck so much these days...

Pipeline - 10/25

Sun, October 25th, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

It's the return of One-Liners, with thoughts on The Savage Dragon, Boris the Bear, comic book shops, and more.

Pipeline - 10/18

Sun, October 18th, 1998 | Category: Comic Books

It's a tale for the fish and the bees as Augie looks at 'Aquaman' #50 and 'Clan Apis #1.'