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CCI, Day 3: Rock and Roll Lifestyle: "The Amazing Joy Buzzards" Coming from Image

Sat, July 24th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

The rookie team of Mark Smith and Dan Hipp ssell Image Comics on a new rock 'n' roll adventure comic, "The Amazing Joy Buzzards," coming this October.

CCI, DAY 1: J. Torres says "Loves is a Foreign Language" this October from Oni

Thu, July 22nd, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

J Torres offers a love story he can relate to this October in Oni Press' "Love is a Foreign Language," a story loosely based on his own life.

Gone Fishin': Jason Asala talks "Nantucket Brown Roasters"

Thu, July 8th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Jason Asala enters the big pond of self-publishing with a quirky book about a bluegill possessed by a 6,000-year-old pharaoh and his two unorthodox friends called "Nantucket Brown Roasters."

Does Whatever a Spider Can: A Review of "Spider-Man 2"

Tue, June 29th, 2004 | Category: TV, Film

Is Harry on steroids? What are Doc Ock's tentacles made of? Can Spider-Man please put his mask back on? A review and several questions that must be answered on "Spider-Man 2."

No black and white answer: John Romita on "The Gray Area"

Wed, June 23rd, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

John Romita Jr. explores the afterlife while exploring a non-Marvel publisher in the Image Comics series, "The Gray Area," in stores today.

Have Comics, Will Travel: B. Clay Moore talks "Hawaiian Dick," Image PR

Sat, June 5th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

"Hawaiian Dick" creator Clay Moore talks about the next "Dick" series, "The Last Resort," with a load of preview pages from issue 1 and 2, plus an update on the movie and his new job as Image Comics' PR guy.

Curse this house: DeFilippis and Weir talk "The Tomb"

Fri, May 21st, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

"The Tomb" from Oni Press combines a haunted house tale with an Indiana Jones character -- and CBR has an 18 page sneak peak!

Backseat driver: Matt Wagner talks "The Hire"

Fri, May 14th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Matt Wagner is first off the line with Dark Horse's "The Hire" #1, based on the highly popular BMW Films series.

Helping Hellboys: Hellboy Community Helps One Of Their Own

Fri, April 30th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Message board community and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola reach out to help stroke victim shoulder medical bill burden.

The Not-So-Real World: Kirkman's "Captain America"

Tue, April 20th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

When writer Robert Kirkman takes over the writing chores on "Captain America" this July, he hopes to take Cap where he hasn't been for a while: unbelievable.

$100,000 Garage Sale: Henschel Pedigree Collection Auctioned

Mon, April 12th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Widow has more than just dust bunnies under her bed -- try copies of "Superman" #3, "Captain Marvel" #1 and "Detective Comics" #3.

What the "Hellboy?" A Review of the film.

Wed, March 31st, 2004 | Category: TV, Film

CBR Staff Writer Seth Jones takes a look at "Hellboy." Seth says, "The movie offers beautiful characters, but leaves the viewer hanging on plot."

Coffee Club: Ed Reynolds talks "Zowie: One" 100+ page B&W jam comic

Mon, March 15th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Thursday Night Coffee Drinkers in Burbank, CA put their money where their mocha is in a 100+ page jam comic featuring 13 different stories by 10 different creators.

Yankee go chrome: Talking with the creators of 'NYC Mech'

Tue, March 9th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

New Image series offers New York City attitude in a robot chassis. Ivan Brandon, Miles Gunter and Andy MacDonald discuss the series, it's origins and what you should expect when it hits store shelves in April.

Zombie nation: Wilkins & Munroe's 'El Zombo'

Wed, March 3rd, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Two comic newcomers unleash an undead wrestling hero in 'El Zombo,' coming from Dark Horse Comics in April. Includes five pages of preview art.

Miracle on Ice, but Gaiman co-owns three

Thu, February 26th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Neil Gaiman's ongoing legal battle with Todd McFarlane appears to be coming to a close when an Appelate court affirmed a district court decision awarding Gaiman ownership of the "Spawn" characters Medieval Spawn, Angela and Cogliostro.

Gone Fishing: Boneyard Press uses DVDs to attract new readers

Wed, February 18th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Boneyard Press' Hart D. Fisher and Joseph Monks look to DVDs to attract new readers to the comics marke with the relaunch of 'Flowers on the Razorwire.'

Transforming Comics: Brad Mick on 'Transformers G1'

Wed, February 11th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

In the mid-1990s, they told him to leave the Transformers alone. Almost ten years later, Brad Mick holds the keys to the Autobots. Mick talks about the recent Transformers Month celebration and what you can expect next from the series, including a new mini-series with the Micromasters coming this June.

Change of 'Paradigm': Two Irish guys team up to end the world.

Tue, February 3rd, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

Matt Cashel and Jeremy Haun talk about their Image Comic "Paradigm," a photo-realistic comic about a very odd little city called Bogsdale. The duo talk about the production of the comic, its inspiration and what's next.

Quiet little massacre: Ande Parks talks 'Union Station'

Fri, January 9th, 2004 | Category: Comic Books

In Union Station, Green Arrow inker Ande Parks digs up a forgotten Kansas City story some locals wish would have remained buried.