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Early on my mom came up with the plan to introduce me to reading via comics. Her plan worked and gave me both a lifelong love of reading and comics. The earliest comics I remember were some Spider-Man stories where he fought the Kingpin and an issue of Marvel’s “Star Wars” where Darth Vader battled a cyborg. My early comic habit got a regular fix whenever we’d take the Ohio Turnpike to visit my grandparents in Pennsylvania. We’d stop at a rest stop and I’d get a three pack of mostly Gold Key books like “Grimm’s Ghost Stories” or reprints of “Turk: Son of Stone.”

In the ‘80s I started collecting super hero books on a regular basis with “Thing” #24, where he battled the Rhino. From there I picked up a ton of Marvel books. Several years later I was introduced to the DC Universe via books like “Batman: The Killing Joke” and “Suicide Squad.” Later my tastes branched out as I discovered companies like Dark Horse and DC’s Vertigo imprint. Currently I’m a huge fan of all forms of genre comics: super hero, crime, action, horror, science fiction and fantasy

When I’m not writing for CBR I’m usually toiling away at the public library I work at or working on book reviews or other pop culture related ramblings at my blog.

FIRST COMIC: “Amazing Spider-Man” & “Star Wars”

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Spider-Man, Captain America, The Thing and Luke Cage

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I'll Take Manhattan: Moore and O'Sullivan talk "G.I. Joe: Special Missions: Manhattan"

Tue, January 17th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

This February, in "G.I. Joe: Special Missions: Manhattan" from Devil's Due, readers will learn what happens when a crisis arises and the regular G.I. Joe team is too busy to tackle it. CBR News spoke with the writers involved, B. Clay Moore and Mike O'Sullivan

Surfing Safari: Giffen talks "Silver Surfer"

Thu, January 5th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

This Spring, the Silver Surfer will face a number of immensely powerful threats that will lead to sweeping changes for the character. CBR News spoke with Keith Giffen, the writer of the four-issue "Silver Surfer" limited series that ties into Marvel's "Annihilation," about the character and what he has in store for him.

Playing in the Trailer Park: Seeley talks "Hack/Slash: Trailers"

Tue, January 3rd, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

No movie going experience is complete without the coming attractions. In March, 2006 Tim Seeley keeps that in mind with "Hack/Slash: Trailers." CBR News spoke with Seeley about the book, which places slasher hunters Cassie Hack and Vlad in a number of wild and wacky situations.

A House (of Ideas) Divided: Quesada talks "Civil War"

Fri, December 30th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This May, The Marvel Universe is shattered by a conflict that will pit hero against hero when Marvel comics launches its latest big event, "Civil War" a seven issue mini-series by writer mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven. CBR News spoke with Marvel Editor In Chief Joe Quesada for some inside info on this mega-story.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These: Van Lente talks "Untold Tales of the New Universe: Nightmask"

Thu, December 22nd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

In 1986 many criminals were forced to become insomniacs. This was the only way they could escape "Nightmask", a hero whose powers allowed him to enter and manipulate their dreams. "Nightmask" is one of the characters from Marvel Comics' 1986 "New Universe" line who returns in a series of one-shot specials this March. CBR News spoke with Fred Van Lente writer of "Untold Tales of the New Universe: Nightmask."

Magic, Monsters and Raccoons, Oh My! Stone talks "The Grimoire"

Wed, December 21st, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Today, readers can once again return to a world of monsters, magic, and raccoon sidekicks when issue #7 of Speakeasy Comics "The Grimoire" hits stores. CBR News spoke with new writer Chris Stone about his plans for the series.

Vandalism: Moore talks "JSA Classified"

Mon, December 19th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Time has little meaning for Vandal Savage but beginning in March, the malevolent Methuselah will learn that even his life can be irrevocably altered in a year. The effects of Savage's twelve month ordeal are chronicled in "JSA Classified" #10-13 and CBR spoke with writer Stuart Moore about this tale, which ties into DC Comics' "One Year Later" story line.

Star War: Giffen talks "Annihilation"

Wed, December 14th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

The cosmos of the Marvel Universe have been pretty quiet lately, but that changes in March, 2006, with the launch of "Annihilation," an event that sees Marvel's cosmic characters go up against a massive interstellar threat. CBR News spoke with "Annihilation" writer Keith Giffen about the event.

Secrets and Lies: Bendis talks "The Illuminati", "New Avengers" and All Things Marvel

Tue, December 13th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

A secret society of Marvel heroes has a falling out and the Marvel Universe is in for another series big changes, with "New Avengers Special: The Illuminati," a book that sets the stage for Marvel's big summer stories. CBR News spoke with "Illuminati" writer Brian Bendis about the book and his other projects that are having an impact on the Marvel Universe.

Everything "New" Is New Again: Paniccia Talks "Untold Tales of the New Universe"

Mon, December 12th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

In 1986 Marvel Comics introduced readers to the New Universe, a line of titles that took place in a shared universe that was meant to be more realistic than the Marvel Universe. In February 2006, old fans and new readers alike will get a chance to revisit the New Universe in a special event. CBR News spoke with Editor Mark Paniccia, and was provided with exclusive preview art.

An Army of O*N*E*: Layman talks "Sentinel Squad: O*N*E*"

Mon, December 12th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

In the wake of M-Day, the mysterious world wide depowering of Marvel's mutants, the government has activated a new breed of Sentinels, piloted by humans. Beginning in January, readers will learn the origin of this fighting force in "Sentinel Squad: O*N*E" a five issue mini-series and CBR News spoke to wriet John Layman about the series. Includes preview art.

With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility: Bendis talks "Ultimate Spider-Man" and "Powers"

Wed, November 23rd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

"Powers" and "Ultimate Spider-Man" are two books that made writer Brian Michael Bendis a big name in comics. Years later, Bendis still writes both titles and they remain high quality reads. CBR news spoke with Bendis about his two longest running titles.

Way talks those Weapons of Mass Destruction, "Incredible Hulk" and "Wolverine"

Tue, November 22nd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine are two of Marvel's deadliest characters and writer Daniel Way is taking them places. Way's four-part "Hulk" story began recently, which sends the gamma powered Goliath into the blackness of space. Next week, Way's run on "Wolverine" begins with Logan embarking on a worldwide quest to explore his past.

Surfing the Othernet: Paniccia talks December's "What If?" Event

Thu, November 17th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This December, readers will be transported to Earth 717, a world defended by costumed champions who may have familiar names and abilities, but they have wildly different pasts. Earth 717 is the setting for Marvel Comics "What If?" event this December. CBR News spoke to editor Mark Paniccia about the event and shared loads of preview art.

Captain of a Divided America: Bedard talks "What If: Captain America"

Wed, November 16th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

During a time of war, America's greatest hero raises his shield to strike a blow for liberty. This may sound familiar, but it's not the war you're expecting. "What If Captain America Fought In the Civil War?" is just one of the one-shots that comprise Marvel Comics "What If?" event in December. CBR News spoke with writer Tony Bedard about the one-shot.

The Invincible Iron Dan: Daniel Knauf Talks "Iron Man"

Wed, November 9th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

A new era begins for Marvel's "Iron Man" in 2006 when Daniel Knauf, creator of the HBO show "Carnivale," and his son Charles take over as the new writers of "Iron Man." CBR News spoke with Daniel Knauf about his views on the character and what readers can expect from his run.

The War at Home: Wood and Burchielli Talk "DMZ"

Wed, November 9th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

America is in the grips of a second Civil War. Armed Militia members clash with US soldiers and one of America's greatest cities is a war ravaged no-man's land. This is the premise of "DMZ," a new ongoing series beginning today from Vertigo by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli. CBR News recently spoke with both creators about the series.

Toys 'R Evil: Crosland talks "Hack/Slash: Land of Lost Toys"

Tue, November 8th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Deadly nightmares and deranged plastic playthings await Cassie Hack and Vlad in their latest adventure, the three issue mini-series "Hack/Slash: Land of Lost Toys." CBR News spoke with the man in charge of animating the homicidal toys, series artist Dave Crosland.

Touring the Decimation: Hine talks "Son of M" and "X-Men the 198"

Fri, November 4th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Following "House of M," life for mutants in the Marvel U became much more frightening. As part of the "Decimation" story line, David Hine brings two perspectives to the Post "House of M" world. In "Son of M," readers see the world through the eyes of a single mutant, while "X-Men: The 198" shows readers the world through a group perspective.

Runaround: Adrian Alphona talks "Runaways"

Wed, November 2nd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

"Runaways" is one of Marvel Comics' most original titles in part due to the book's dynamic and unique visuals provided by artist Adrian Alphona. In part two of our look at "Runaways," CBR News spoke with Alphona about his past and present work on the series.