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Early on my mom came up with the plan to introduce me to reading via comics. Her plan worked and gave me both a lifelong love of reading and comics. The earliest comics I remember were some Spider-Man stories where he fought the Kingpin and an issue of Marvel’s “Star Wars” where Darth Vader battled a cyborg. My early comic habit got a regular fix whenever we’d take the Ohio Turnpike to visit my grandparents in Pennsylvania. We’d stop at a rest stop and I’d get a three pack of mostly Gold Key books like “Grimm’s Ghost Stories” or reprints of “Turk: Son of Stone.”

In the ‘80s I started collecting super hero books on a regular basis with “Thing” #24, where he battled the Rhino. From there I picked up a ton of Marvel books. Several years later I was introduced to the DC Universe via books like “Batman: The Killing Joke” and “Suicide Squad.” Later my tastes branched out as I discovered companies like Dark Horse and DC’s Vertigo imprint. Currently I’m a huge fan of all forms of genre comics: super hero, crime, action, horror, science fiction and fantasy

When I’m not writing for CBR I’m usually toiling away at the public library I work at or working on book reviews or other pop culture related ramblings at my blog.

FIRST COMIC: “Amazing Spider-Man” & “Star Wars”

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Spider-Man, Captain America, The Thing and Luke Cage

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Of Civil Wars and Sidekicks: Jenkins talks "Civil War: Front Line" and "Sidekick"

Wed, March 22nd, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

This June, Paul Jenkins fans will see two unique sides of the writer's work. In "Civil War: Front Line," Jenkins examines the events of Marvel's mega event through the eyes of two journalists and a mysterious character. In "Sidekick," Jenkins explores the twisted relationship between super heroes and their sidekicks. We spoke with Jenkins about both projects.

Fun with Tentacles: Cosby and Stokes talk "Cthulhu Tales"

Tue, March 21st, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

The great Cthulu and the Old Ones have been inspring writers to tell tales about him for almost 70 years. This April, they're welcomed to the world of comics in Boom! Studios latest anthology book, "Cthulhu Tales." CBR News spoke with two of the creators involved, Andrew Cosby and Johanna Stokes.

WWLA Day Two: Kirkman Bugs The Marvel Universe In "The Irredeemable Ant-Man."

Sat, March 18th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

In part one of our coverage of "The Irredeemable Ant-Man" editor Tom Brevoort gave CBR News some small details about the series. In part two of our coverage, writer Robert Kirkman expands our knowledge about the new Ant-Man. Includes preview art.

WWLA Day Two: Picnic Time, As Brevoort Talks "The Irredeemable Ant-Man"

Sat, March 18th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

Beginning this October, a heroic legacy that might be small in stature, but not deeds, continues when Marvel Comics launches the new ongoing series "The Irredeemable Ant-Man." In part one of our look at "Ant-Man," CBR News spoke with Editor Tom Brevoort about the series.

WWLA Day Two: David Hine Marks "Civil War" With An X

Sat, March 18th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

When it comes to Marvel Comics' "Civil War," writer David Hine is leaving no mutant stone unturned in "Civil War: X-Men." CBR News caught up with the writer, who discussed his plans and told us why you have to check out the series.

Down Through the Chimney: Posehn & Duggan talk "The Last Christmas"

Thu, March 16th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

The apocalypse may have turned the world into one nasty place, but that won't stop Santa from spreading Christmas cheer, even if it means doing it with a gun. That's "The Last Christmas," a six-issue series written by Brian Posehn & Gerard Duggan. CBR News spoke with the writers about their two fisted tale of yuletide action and humor.

Origins and Beginnings: Way talks "Wolverine: Origins"

Tue, March 14th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

In April, the people who secretly pull the strings in the world intelligence communities will be looking for a place to hide, because Wolverine's hunt for answers about his past heats up in the new ongoing series "Wolverine: Origins." Writer Daniel Way spoke about the project in depth and brought some preview art along with him.

On the Road Again: Way Talks "Ghost Rider"

Fri, March 10th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

This July, evil doers just might find themselves living out the AC/DC song "Highway to Hell" because the Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider, is back on the road. We caught up with series writer Daniel Way to learn more about the new ongoing "Ghost Rider" series.

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright: Pierce Talks "White Tiger"

Mon, March 6th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

There's a new predator stalking the concrete jungles of New York City. Her name is Angela Del Toro AKA The White Tiger, the star of an upcoming mini-series from Marvel by New York Times best selling author Tamora Pierce. CBR News spoke with Pierce about the project.

"G" For Vendetta: Guggenheim talks "Wolverine"

Fri, March 3rd, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

This May, the opening shots in Marvel's "Civil War" are fired and the results send a vengeance hungry Wolverine on the payback trail. CBR News spoke with new "Wolverine" writer Marc Guggenheim who begins his run with issue #42, which kicks off a storyline titled "Vendetta."

Springtime for the DCU: Giffen talks "Blue Beetle" and "52"

Thu, March 2nd, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

Soon, the Crisis will be over and a new DC Universe will be born. With his work on the new ongoing "Blue Beetle" series and as a collaborator on "52," Keith Giffen will be heavily involved in introducing readers to the new DCU. CBR News spoke with Giffen about both series.

Thunderstruck: Nicieza talks "Thunderbolts"

Tue, February 28th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

Next month, the Thunderbolts reach their milestone 100th issue and celebrate by changing their book's title from "New Thunderbolts" to "Thunderbolts," returning to the series' original numbering. We spoke with writer Fabian Nicieza about the special issue and what's next for Marvel's team of repenting rogues.

New York Comic Con, Day Three: Huston Hits the Road with "The Ultimates."

Sun, February 26th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

What do you do after you repulse an invasion of super powered foreign soldiers? Well if you're two members of The Ultimates you hit the road perhaps for some much needed vacation. Readers of this summer's "Ultimates" Annual will find that this road trip is anything but relaxing. CBR News spoke with the writer Charlie Huston about the annual.

Descent into Hell: Aaron talks "The Other Side"

Fri, February 24th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

The shadow of the Vietnam War still looms over many Americans. This summer, writer Jason Aaron takes readers back to that conflict in "The Other Side" a five issue mini-series from Vertigo. CBR news spoke to Aaron about the series which follows the strange and frightening journey of soldiers on opposite sides of the war.

Logan Wolf and Cub: Moore talks "Wolverine" #41

Fri, February 24th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

Before Wolverine gets involved in Marvel's epic "Civil War" storyline, he will risk everything to save the life of an innocent baby girl who is the key to ending civil war in an African nation. This is the plot of April's "Wolverine" #41, from writer Stuart Moore and artist C.P. Smith. CBR News spoke with Moore about the issue.

Drawing On the Pain: Moder Talks "Painkiller Jane"

Mon, February 20th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

Last week, we spoke with Jimmy Palmiotti about the adventures in store for Painkiller Jane in her new, ongoing series from Dynamite Entertainment. In part two of our feature on "Painkiller Jane," we talk with artist Lee Moder about brining the crime plagued world of New York to life.

New York Hardcore: Palmiotti Talks "Painkiller Jane"

Thu, February 16th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

New York City criminals are running scared because Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti's gun-toting, urban vigilante Painkiller Jane is back in an all new ongoing series beginning later this month. In part one of our two part look at the series, we spoke with Palmiotti about the book.

The Seven Deadly Smiths: Nelson Talks "Killer 7"

Thu, February 9th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

When a monstrous terrorist group threatens the world, the only hope for peace is a bizarre clan of assassins known as the Killer 7. This is the premise of "Killer 7," a twelve issue mini-series based on the video game. CBR News spoke with writer Arvid Nelson about the series.

Hand of Providence: Nicieza talks "Cable & Deadpool"

Tue, February 7th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

2006 is a big year for Cable and Deadpool. In the coming months, the duo will encounter a number of familiar friends and foes and find themselves involved in some of Marvel's biggest events. CBR News spoke with "Cable & Deadpool" writer Fabian Nicieza about the book.

Jesus Saves: Seeley Talks "Loaded Bible"

Wed, February 1st, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

This April, vampires will fear both the cross and the guy who hung from it when Jesus returns to battle the blood thirsty undead hordes that threaten humanity. This is the premise of the 48 page one-shot "Loaded Bible: Jesus vs. Vampires." CBR News spoke with writer Tim Seeley about the book