Dave Richards

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Plymouth, Michigan

Early on my mom came up with the plan to introduce me to reading via comics. Her plan worked and gave me both a lifelong love of reading and comics. The earliest comics I remember were some Spider-Man stories where he fought the Kingpin and an issue of Marvel’s “Star Wars” where Darth Vader battled a cyborg. My early comic habit got a regular fix whenever we’d take the Ohio Turnpike to visit my grandparents in Pennsylvania. We’d stop at a rest stop and I’d get a three pack of mostly Gold Key books like “Grimm’s Ghost Stories” or reprints of “Turk: Son of Stone.”

In the ‘80s I started collecting super hero books on a regular basis with “Thing” #24, where he battled the Rhino. From there I picked up a ton of Marvel books. Several years later I was introduced to the DC Universe via books like “Batman: The Killing Joke” and “Suicide Squad.” Later my tastes branched out as I discovered companies like Dark Horse and DC’s Vertigo imprint. Currently I’m a huge fan of all forms of genre comics: super hero, crime, action, horror, science fiction and fantasy

When I’m not writing for CBR I’m usually toiling away at the public library I work at or working on book reviews or other pop culture related ramblings at my blog.

FIRST COMIC: “Amazing Spider-Man” & “Star Wars”

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Spider-Man, Captain America, The Thing and Luke Cage

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Walker Reforges the Bonds Between "Power Man & Iron Fist"

Tue, March 15th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

David Walker spoke with CBR News about the book's focus on Luke and Danny's friendship, looming challenges and their role in "Civil War II."

Hopeless' "Spider-Woman" Embraces Her Crazy New Life, Motherhood

Mon, March 14th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Dennis Hopeless spoke with CBR about how Jessica Drew's life has changed now that she has a son and plans to return to her duties as a superhero.

Bendis Unpacks Miles Morales' Life-Changing "Spider-Man" #2, Seeds "Civil War"

Fri, March 11th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Brian Michael Bendis spoke with CBR about the day that turned Miles' world upside down in and how it's another step down the road to "Civil War II."

Hastings' "Gwenpool" Lives Out the Dangerous Fantasies of a Comic Fan

Wed, March 9th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Christopher Hastings tells CBR about creating Marvel's most irresponsible merc and her ongoing series that proves how dangerous her world is.

Thompson's "Venom: Space Knight" Explores the Cosmos -- with Giant Alien Panda Bears

Mon, March 7th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Robbie Thompson spoke with us about working with Dan Nevins of the Wounded Warrior Project, tying into "Civil War II," and cuddly space pandas.

"Deadpool v Gambit" Writers Embrace Power, Shirk Responsibility for Big Score

Fri, March 4th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Ben Acker & Ben Blacker discuss their upcoming miniseries, what pulls Gambit and Deadpool into a high stakes con and the mutant mayhem that ensues.

Nick Spencer Dissects the Avengers' "Standoff" at Pleasant Hill

Thu, March 3rd, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

"Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha" writer Nick Spencer tells CBR News about the origins of "Avengers: Standoff" event and "Alpha's" revelations.

Soule's "Uncanny Inhumans" Turns Up The Noise In The Quiet Room

Wed, March 2nd, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Charles Soule reveals to CBR News how the Quiet Room outlasted "Secret Wars" and teases what's ahead for the Inhumans in "Civil War II."

Zub's "Thunderbolts" Rise From the Ashes of "Avengers: Standoff" with Winter Soldier

Tue, March 1st, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Jim Zub tells CBR how the classic Marvel team of villains playing hero hook up with Bucky Barnes' and why now is the time for a revival.

Soule & Noto Fill In "Poe Dameron's" Pre-"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" History

Mon, February 29th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books, Film

Charles Soule and Phil Noto discuss their new "Star Wars" comic, which chronicles the titular charismatic pilot's adventures before the "Force Awakens."

Aaron Sentences Marvel's "Star Wars" to "Rebel Jail," Promises More Ben Kenobi

Fri, February 26th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Jason Aaron spoke with CBR about his latest "Star Wars" arc that follows the events "Vader Down" and goes deep inside the titular installation.

Hopeless' "All-New X-Men" Battle Classic Foes & Teen Drama

Wed, February 24th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Dennis Hopeless spoke with us about pitting his young team against old foes and teen angst as they head towards the looming "Apocalypse Wars."

Conway Explains Supernatural "Carnage" Twist, Becoming More Than a Serial Killer

Tue, February 23rd, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Gerry Conway explains to CBR his character's supernatural transformation via an ancient evil tome and what means for the Marvel U at large.

Spencer's "Astonishing Ant-Man" Explores Technology & The Modern Supervillain

Mon, February 22nd, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Nick Spencer spoke with us about villainous apps, eclectic characters and a special Young Avengers reunion.

Soule Reignites Daredevil & Punisher's Deadly Feud in Crossover Miniseries

Fri, February 12th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books, Digital Comics

Charles Soule tells CBR about "Daredevil/Punisher," why the characters are at odds and why Daredevil's new partner Blindspot gets involved.

Remender & Tocchini's "Low" Rises to the Surface in "Shore of the Dying Light"

Wed, February 10th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Rick Remender talks with CBR as he and Greg Tocchini prepare to send readers to "Low's" radiation-drenched Earth's surface for the first time.

"Black Widow's" Waid & Samnee Promise James Bond-Style Action

Wed, February 10th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

The reunited "Daredevil" team -- Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Joe Caramagna and Matt Wilson -- discusses taking Black Widow international.

"Hyperion" Flies America's Strange Highways with "Star Wars: Aftermath's" Wendig

Mon, February 8th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Chuck Wendig spoke with CBR about his plans for the god-like Squadron Supreme member including an exploration of America's strangest corners.

DMC & Miranda-Rodriguez Realize their Marvel-ous Dreams with "Guardians of Infinity"

Thu, February 4th, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Rap legend DMC and Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez discuss their long-awaited Marvel debut, and explain why the Thing, Groot and NYC are all hip-hop.

Bendis Unpacks "Spider-Man" #1, Explains Miles & Peter at Odds

Wed, February 3rd, 2016 | Category: Comic Books

Brian Michael Bendis spoke with CBR News about Miles Morales' Marvel U debut, two Spider-Men and laying the groundwork for "Civil War II."