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You Can Go Home Again: Busiek on 'Astro City: Local Heroes'

Sun, November 10th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Astro City]This weekend, DC talked to retailers about the next 'Astro City' miniseries. Meanwhile, Kurt Busiek talked to CBR News.

Money Shot: Novelist Gary Phillips Blows Away the Adult Film Industry In 'Midnight Mover'

Thu, October 31st, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Midnight Mover]Novelist Gary Phillips returns to Oni Press for his second comic book series in March: "Midnight Mover" is a tale of murder, intrigue and Los Angeles' adult film industry. CBR has an exclusive preview.

Green Arrow/Lantern Shuffle: DC Exclusive Winick to Write 'Green Arrow,' Raab on 'Green Lantern'

Fri, October 18th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[DC]DC Comics announces yet another creator in an exclusive contract, and a creative shuffle as well.

Nicolas Cage Comic Collection Goes for $1.6 Million

Mon, October 14th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Nicolas Cage]Film actor and lifelong comics fan Nicolas Cage's collection of 400 rare comics goes on the auction block, and nets a cool $1.6 Million.

Back to the Beach: David Hahn on 'Private Beach'

Mon, October 14th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Private Beach]David Hahn brings Trudy Honeyvan and Sharona back to the beach in the next issue of his Eisner-nominated "Private Beach." Exclusive CBR preview of issue #6. Plus, details on his next project: a collaboration with Sam Keith.

Rieber and Hairsine Get 'Extreme' in 'Captain America': Exclusive Preview

Fri, October 11th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Captain America #7]The Marvel Knights incarnation of "Captain America" changes gears and artists in December, bringing aboard "Cla$$ War" artist Trevor Hairsine. CBR News has an exclusive preview.

Marvel to Introduce Quarter Comics: Initiative Begins with January Bendis 'Daredevil' Arc

Thu, October 10th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Daredevil #41]Taking the 9 and 10 cent comic promotions to the next level, Marvel Comics announced Thursday that they will be promoting a number of comics in 2003 with special 25 cent prices.

City Life: Chuck Austen Investigates the Secret Life of Cities in 'Superman: Metropolis'

Fri, October 4th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Superman: Metropolis]The Man of Steel's city takes center stage in February, with 'Superman: Metropolis' a 12 issue limited series exploring the darker side of the high tech Metropolis.

Gaiman in Stunning Victory over McFarlane in Spawn Case: Jury Finds for Gaiman on All Counts

Thu, October 3rd, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Neil Gaiman]A Madison, Wisconsin jury reaches a decision in the years-long battle between two comic book industry giants: Neil Gaiman wins on all counts in the Spawn dispute.

'Man of Steel' to End in January, With Apokolips Sequel Special

Mon, September 23rd, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

Mark Schultz and "Superman: Man of Steel" go out with a bang in January.

Marvel Superheroes to Go Online In Massively Multiplayer Game

Thu, September 19th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Vivendi-Universal/Marvel]Marvel Comics' superheroes will make their debut in a Massively Multiplayer Online Game from Vivendi Universal.

Ennis/Robertson Punisher Prequel Coming in 2003

Wed, September 18th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Marvel]Fans of Marvel Comics' "Origin," at long last telling the origin story of Wolverine, and "Truth," fleshing out an untold history in the origins of Captain America have another such project to look forward to, this time featuring the Punisher. Other topics from the Marvel press conference are also covered.

One Week Until Marvel's 'U-Decide' Challenge: Quesada on the Ideas Behind the Stunt

Thu, September 12th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Ultimate Adventures #1]They've never met a stunt that they didn't like, and next week, Marvel Comics begins a six month bet as to which of three new series will outsell the others. The stakes: Pies in the face, time in a dunking booth, and maybe cancellation.

One Year Later: JMS, Jemas on Comics Post-9/11

Wed, September 11th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[We Remember]A year after the horrors of 9/11,Bill Jemas and J. Michael Straczynski look back at how that day affected comics and their own work.

Marvel Agrees to Some of Hibbs Demands in Legal Case ... Without Mentioning Hibbs

Tue, September 10th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

Four months after being sued for late shipments and last minute creative changes, Marvel quietly begins taking returnable comics, but without any public statement, nor communication with the man who initiated the suit.

Night of a Thousand Super-Villains: Sky Ape Teams Up With 'All The Heroes' in February

Fri, September 6th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Sky Ape]Jetpack-wearing millionaire Sky Ape teams up with Battle Pope, among others, in "All the Heroes," this February from AiT/Planet Lar.

Marvel Comics Puts The Stop to Thai Shop Dressing Employees Like Spider-Man

Thu, September 5th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

Marvel Comics threatens legal action to stop a Bangkok businessman from dressing his delivery workers like Spider-Man. So he dressed them as another big summer film star instead.

Giffen Destroys Australia (Yes, Again) Next Year in 'Dominion'

Sat, August 31st, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[Image Comics]Keith Giffen talks to CBR News about his new ongoing Image Comics project, "Dominion," in which strange visitors from another planet turn out to be a very bad thing indeed for the land down under.

AiT/Planet Lar, Oni Choose Diamond for Bookstore Distribution in Wake of LPC Collapse

Wed, August 28th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

In a letter distributed this week, AiT/Planet Lar publisher Mimi Rosenheim explains to the company's creators why they, like Oni Comics, went with comic store distributor Diamond Comics Distributors for mainstream bookstore publications, after previous distributor LPC goes under.

Just Imagine ... Image Comics Creating a New Superhero Universe

Tue, August 20th, 2002 | Category: Comic Books

[The new Image Universe]The minds behind the new Image Universe talk about why Image Comics is creating a new line of superhero comics, including new details on exactly when and how these new characters will first be appearing.