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Saturday, May 7th, 2011


The First Annual Latino Comics Expo @ Cartoon Art Museum

Cinco de Mayo always brings many tasty treats and ethnic delights to the San Francisco Bay Area. In ... [more]

Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Returning for the third time to Toronto Reference Library and for its 8th year overall, The Toronto Comic ... [more]


FCBD Signing w/ Phil Jimenez @ Alterniverse-2

"Legion" artist Phil Jimenez signs at Alterniverse-2 for Free Comic Book Day!

FCBD Signing w/ Jeffrey Brown @ Comix Revolution

Jeffrey Brown - Writer and artist on Incredible Changebots and Clumsy. Jeffrey will be on hand at 12:00 ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Gene Ha @ Dreamland Comics

Gene Ha – Artist on Fortunate Son, The Adventures of Cyclops and Pheonix, and Global Frequency. Gene ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Art Baltazar @ Dreamland

Art Baltazar – Artist and writer currently working for DC Comics who started with a self-published ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Phil Hester & Skottie Young @ Daydreams Comics

Phil Hester - Comic book writer and artist. Currently writing Wonder Woman, Green Hornet and Darkness. ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Jai Nitz @ Hastings (Lawrence)

Jai Nitz - Writer on Tron: Betrayal, Green Hornet, Kato Origins, Bring the Thunder, Batman Strikes and ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Mark Texeira and more @ 3 Alarm Comics

Mark Texeira - Artist on Moon Knight, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Conan, Birds Of Prey, Darkness, Vampirella, ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Chad Hardin @ Wishing Well Comics

Chad Hardin - Artist on Stan Lee's The Traveler and Zatanna. Steve will be on hand from 10:00AM ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Ed McGuinness, Joe Hill, Christopher Golden, and more @ Jetpack Comics

Ed McGuinness - ED MCGUINNESS IS BACK AND HE WANTS TO CLICK! Ed McGuinness is returning to Rochester's ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Steve Bissette & more @ Newbury Comics

Steve Bissette - Artist on Swamp Thing, Taboo, and Tyrant. Steve will be on hand to sign for fans.

Denis ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ JK Woodward & more @ Comic Fusion

Comic Fusion

Ken Branch - Inker on Trinity, Flash and JLA. Ken will be on hand to sign for fans.

J.K. ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Ron Marz & more @ Excellent Adventures

Ron Marz - Writer of Witchbalde, Magdalena, Green Lantern, Silver Surfer and much more. Ron will be ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Brian Wood & more @ Brooklyn Comics & More

10:00AM - 11:30AM

Michael Buckley and the N.E.R.D.S. book series. For ages 9 to 14.

12:00 noon - ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Roger Stern @ Chautauqua Comics

Roger Stern - Co-creator of the Hobgoblin and one of the architects of DC's Death of Superman. Roger ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Jim Shooter @ Best Comics

Jim Shooter – Writer and comic book editor and publisher, known for his work on Adventure Comics, ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Dan Slott, Marc Bernardin, Scott Wegener, Joe Staton, and more @ Jim Hanley's Universe

Dan Slott - 1:00pm - The current writer of Amazing Spider-Man and genuinely one of the coolest people ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Evan Dorkin @ Comic Book Jones NY

Some would argue this is the best day of the year in the world of comics. We couldn't agree more. ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Jim Shooter @ Fourth World

Jim Shooter – Known for his work as editor-in-chief of Marvel and writing on Avengers, he also created ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Jim Shooter @ The Comic Book Depot

Jim Shooter – Writer and comic book editor and publisher, known for his work on Adventure Comics, ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Cully Hamner, Brian Stelfreeze, and more @ Heroes Aren't Hard to Find

Chris Brunner - Co-creator of the FCBD offering LOOSE ENDS from 12 Gauge Comics. Artist on Batman: Legends ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Nick Spencer, Jamal Igle, Chris Samnee, and more @ Acme Comics

Reilly Brown – Artist on Incredible Hercules, Cable and Deadpool. Reilly will be on hand to sign for ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Nicholas Brendan, Chris Sprouse, and many more @ Packrat Comics

The 10th anniversary of Free Comic Book Day at Packrat Comics will be loaded with actors, writers, artists, ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Kelly Sue DeConnick, Patric Reynolds, Amy Mebberson, & more @ TFAW Beaverton

Amy Mebberson – Artist on Muppet Sherlock Holmes TPB, Donald Duck and Friends. Amy will be on hand ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Scott Allie, Ron Chan, Brandon Seiffert, and more @ TFAW Milwaukie

Scott Allie – Writer on Buffy Season 8, Solomon Kane, B.P.R.D.: The Dead Remembered, and Serenity. ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Paul Tobin, Terry & Rachel Dodson, and many more @ TFAW Portland

Ben Dewey – Artist on this year's Dark Horse Star Wars Free Comic Book Day comic. Ben will be ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Chris Roberson & David Mack @ Austin Books and Comics

The Batmobile - The Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV series will be on display at Heroes and Villains ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Michael Lark @ Comics Asylum

Michael Lark – Artist on Daredevil, Captain America, and Gotham Central. Michael will be on hand to ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Tyler Kirkham @ Heebeegeebeez

Tyler Kirkham - Current artist for DC's Green Lantern Corps. Tyler will be on hand from 11:00AM ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Ryan Ottley and more @ Night-Flight Comics

All signings from 2:30PM to 6:00PM.

AJ Bell and CK Edwards - Creators of Pocket Hole.

Brady Canfield ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Ben Templesmith and more @ Comic Evolution

Ben Templesmith – Artist on 30 Days of Night, Choker, and Wormwood. Ben will be on hand to sign and ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ John Jackson Miller @ Chimera Hobby Shop

John Jackson Miller - Local author of New York Times Best-Selling novel Star Wars: Knight Errant and ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Fiona Staples, Riley Rossmo, and more @ Another Dimension

Fiona Staples - Eisner Award nominated artist of North 40, as well as Mystery Society, Jonah Hex and ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Leonard Kirk, Marcio Takara, Alex Milne, and many more @ Stadium Comics

Leonard Kirk – Artist on several titles for Marvel and DC Comics, such as Detective Comics, New Mutants, ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ the Kill Shakespeare Crew, Kalman Andrasofszky, and others @ Silver Snail

Kalman Andrasofszky - Got his start doing illustration for roleplaying games.In 2003 Kalman co-created ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Leinil Yu, Philip Tan, Stephen Segovia, and many others @ Comic Odyssey

Comic Odyssey has 3 locations. Please call the stores for information on which creators will appear at ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Jimmie Robinson & more @ The Escapist

"Bomb Queen's" Jimmie Robinson, Derek McCullogh of "Pug," and more creators ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Erik Larsen & Viktor Kalvachev @ Fantastic Comics

Image Comics co-founder and "Savage Dragon" creator Erik Larsen and rising star Viktor Kalvachev ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Jeremy Haun & more @ Hurley's Heroes

"Artifacts" artist Jeremy Haun will be signing at Hurley's Heroes for Free Comic Book ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Jim McCann & Bernard Chang At DJ's Universal Comics

DJ's celebrates FREE COMIC BOOK DAY with some amazing specials, awesome guests and MORE!

Marvel ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Ron Marz @ Comic Depot

Stop in any time between 10AM and 5PM for a free comic (while suppiles last)

Appearing at FCBD:

Ron ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Nate Simpson @ Arcane Comics

"Nonplayer" creator Nate Simpson will be on hand to sign comics!

FCBD Signing w/ Greg Rucka and Jen Van Meter @ Olympic Cards & Comics

Greg Rucka and Jen Van Meter will be at Olympic for Free Comic Book Day!

FCBD Signing w/ Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt @ Elite Comics

The team behind Oni Press's "Sixth Gun" will be signing for Free Comic Book Day!

Jonathan Hickman @ Comic Vault for FCBD

Jonathan Hickman, the man who killed the Human Torch will be at the Comic Vault for Free Comic Book Day! ... [more]

FCBD Signing feat. Whilce Portacio & Hero Initiative Benefit @ Collector's Paradise

Collector's Paradise has a long history of working closely with comic book industry creators. The ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Robert Kirkman, Marc Andreyko, Walter Koenig, and more @ Golden Apple




WALTER ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Geoff Johns and Jeph Loeb @ Earth-2 Sherman Oaks

Saturday, May 7, 2011, is the big day. The reason we celebrate? FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Earth-2 Comics. ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Geoff Johns and Jeph Loeb @ Earth-2 Northridge

Saturday, May 7, 2011, is the big day. The reason we celebrate? FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Earth-2 Comics. ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ David Petersen & Brian Holguin @ Meltdown

Archaia Entertainment, The Jim Henson Company and Meltdown Comics Present:

Come get your FREE copies ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Steve Niles, Mike Mignola, Joe Benitez, Richard Starkings, and more @ Comic Bug

There will be huge sales, takes pictures with live super-heroes, get free sketches and autographs, talk ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Gail Simone, JT Krul, Marc Andreyko, and more @ 4 Color Fantasies

Free Comic Book Day guests include Gail Simone, JT Krul, Mike Mayhew, Adam Beechen, Marc Andreyko, Norm ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Frank Cho and Steve Conley @ Cards, Comics and Collectibles

In honor of 2011's Free Comic Book Day promotion on Saturday, May 7th, Cards, Comics and Collectibles ... [more]

Free Comic Book Day @ Midtown Comics (all locations) - featuring special edition of "Green Lantern" issue

This year we are thrilled to present our very own version of the Free Comic Book Day Green Lantern Special ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ James Robinson @ Illusive Comics and Games

Meet "Starman" and "Justice League of America" writer James Robinson at Illusive!

FCBD Signing w/ "Archie's" Dan Parent and more @ Captain Blue Hen

Dan Parent – Archie comics artist best known for his work on The Love Showdown and Veronica #202. ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Victor Gischler and more @ Heroes Landing

Victor Gischler – Victor is a novelist and comic book writer who has worked on The Punisher, Wolverine, ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Jim Cheung, Greg Horn, and more @ Yancy Street Comics

Angel Medina – Artist on titles like Megaton, Dreadstar, Hammer of God, The Incredible Hulk, and Warlock ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ George Pérez and Clay Mann @ Coliseum of Comics Sanford

George Pérez – Legendary artist on such books as New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Justice League ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Karl Moline @ Famous Faces and Funnies

Karl Moline - Artists on BPRD, Buffy, and Emma Frost. Karl will be on hand from 11:00AM to 9:00PM to ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Daniel Way, Tommy Lee Edwards, Brian Clevinger, and more @ Ultimate Comics

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is right around the corner and Ultimate Comics & the NC Comicon are going BIG!!! ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Nathan Edmondson and more @ Criminal Records

Cara McGee - Artist whose first graphic novel will soon be published by OniPress. Cara will be on hand ... [more]

FCBD Siging w/ Tony Harris & More @ Titan Comics and games

Titan Games & Comics

Tony Harris - Illustrator of such works as Starman, Ex Machina and Obergeist, and ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Mike Norton and Chris Mitten @ Challengers

Mike Norton – Artist on Runaways, Gravity and the comic book adaptation of the Young Justice animated ... [more]

FCBD Signing w/ Chris Burnham and Hillary Barta @ Dark Tower

Chris Burnham - DC Exclusive artist currently drawing Batman Inc. Past work includes Amory Wars, Batman ... [more]


Berkeley Breathed exhibition @ Cartoon Art Museum

The Cartoon Art Museum is pleased to present From Bloom County to Mars: The Imagination of Berkeley Breathed, ... [more]

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