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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


Arrow - "The Huntress Returns"

EDM MEGASTAR STEVE AOKI OPENS OLIVER’S NEW NIGHTCLUB — With his nightclub set to open and a new romance ... [more]

Supernatural - "Goodbye Stranger"

SAM, DEAN, CASTIEL AND MEG TEAM UP AGAINST CROWLEY AND HIS DEMONS — Castiel (Misha Collins) reappears ... [more]


"Surely You're Joking, Dr. Wertham" Roundtable Discussion, NYC

Danny Fingeroth and the Soho Gallery for Digital Art are pleased to announce a special event on Wednesday ... [more]

The Art of Harvey Kurtzman

Cartoonist, writer, and editor Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993) was the founding editor and creator of the ... [more]

Bill Griffith Exhibit @ Society of Illustrators

"Are we having fun yet?" This non sequitur utterance by the clown-suited philosopher/media ... [more]

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