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Ron Marz, Walt and Louise Simonson, Jim Starlin, Terry Austin, and more sign @ October County

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Start Time: 01:00PM    End Time: 04:00PM

We are please to announce that on SAT. MARCH 12TH from 1PM To 4PM we will have 12 wonderful COMIC
BOOK CREATORS here at one time for a FREE autograph signing. There is NO charge, and you can bring
ANYTHING you want to be signed. If you don't have something from some of the guests, we will have items to
purchase. The creators themselves may also be bringing items to sign and sell.

The guests are:

TERRY AUSTIN: artist/inker: Sonic, X Factor Forever, X Men Forever, Green Lantern, X Men

TODD DEZAGO: writer: Perhapanauts, Tellos, Super Hero Squad, Sensational Spider-man

RAMONA FRADON: artist: Metamorpho, Aquaman, Brenda Starr, Brave & Bold

DAN GREEN: artisit/inker: Darth Vader and the Lost Command, Fables, X Men

FRED HEMBECK :writer/artist: Destroys the Marvel Universe, No Prize Book

RON MARZ: writer: Witchblade, Artifacts, Magdalena, Green Lantern, Silver Surfer

LOUISE SIMONSON: writer: Chaos War-Dead X Men, X Factor Forever, X Factor, Power Pack, Superman-Man
of Steel

WALT SIMONSON: writer/artist: Thor, Manhunter, X Factor, Alien, Orion

JOE SINNOTT : artist/inker: Fantastic Four, Capt. America, Thor, Syndicated Spider-man strip

MATTHEW DOW SMITH: artist: Dr Who, Witchblade, Supernatural:Origins

JIM STARLIN: writer/artist: Breed, Kid Kosmos, Capt.Marvel, Rann-Thanagar:Holy War

JOE STATON: artist/inker: Green Lantern, Scooby Doo, Archie, Dick Tracy


October County Comics

246 Main St Ste 5, Cherry Hill Center
New Paltz, NY 12561

More Info: http://www.octobercountrycomics.com/ownerscorner.html

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