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Pop-Sequentialism: Comic Art of the Modern Age @ La Luz De Jesus

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Start Time: 08:00PM    End Time: 11:00PM

Few artforms have gone as unchanged and unrespected for as long as sequential art, yet none has had as arguably tremendous an impact as the superhero comic book. For the very first time, a survey of the most important works from the greatest writers & artists of the past quarter century will be displayed in a fine art gallery and offered for sale. These are the innovators, the rule breakers, and the fan favorites: the collaborations that changed the medium –all under one roof, for a single exhibition. This is no average assortment of comic book art. This collection includes covers, double-page splashes, and origin pages from the most lauded, beloved and infamous creative teams to emerge in the Modern Age. From Watchmen to All Star Superman, and from Fables to the Walking Dead, it's all killer and no filler.
This is Pop-Sequentialism


La Luz de Jesus Gallery

4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

More Info: http://laluzdejesus.com/shows/2011/Pop-Sequentialism/Pop-Sequentialism.htm

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