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Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Start Time: 10:00AM    End Time: 05:00PM

The LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION celebrates it's milestone 35th Anniversary during 2012. Started as a monthly show in 1977, the LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION has held over 350 shows with Special Guests from Comic Books, Film, Television, Animation, as well as featuring a large Dealers Room full of Comic Books and Collectibles. Starting in 2005 the Convention has been staged 4-8 times a year.

The LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION has spotlighted Special Guests such as Bob Kane (Batman creator), Joe Shuster (Superman co-creator), Jack Kirby (Fantastic Four, Hulk, X-Men co-creator), Jerry Robinson (Batman Golden Age Artist), Stan Lee (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk co-creator), Don Heck (Artist for Tales of Suspense#39, the First Iron Man appearance), Jim Steranko, John Romita Jr., Todd McFarlane, Al Feldstein (Mad Magazine), Doug Wildey (co-creator of Jonny Quest), William Hanna (Hanna-Barbera), Ray Harryhausen (Special Effects Creator); staged Early Preview looks at movies such as Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, The Terminator (James Cameron appearance), Near Dark (Kathryn Bigelow and Cast), Batman Returns (Tim Burton and Danny Elfman appearance), Lost in Space (Movie version with Gary Oldman and Cast), Spider-Man (Sam Raimi appearance), The Matrix (with Keanu Reeves and Cast/Directors), Terminator 3 (with Arnold Schwarzenegger and cast), Hellboy 2 (with Guillermo Del Toro and cast), Underworld: Evolution (with Kate Beckinsale), appearances by Directors such as Joss Whedon, Roger Corman, John Woo, Zack Snyder, Terry Gilliam, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), and Stars such as Christian Bale, David Boreanaz, Jackie Chan, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Biel, Jet Li, Katherine Heigl, Michelle Yeoh, Rutger Hauer, Vin Diesel, Jessica Alba, and so many many more.

Besides the Early Preview look at upcoming movies (shown with 16mm film and slides back in the early years of the show), the LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION also featured some of the earliest Cast Reunions and Special Anniversary Presentations on Classic Television series such as The Addams Family, Batman, Dark Shadows, The Green Hornet, Lost in Space, The Munsters, Adventures of Superman, Star Trek, The Outer Limits, and many more. And before Japanese Animation became as popular as it is today the LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION was among the first shows to have an ongoing Anime Festival.

Almost at every LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION there's been a great quantity of Movie and Television T-Shirts, Posters, Buttons, and many other items given away free. From a Blade Runner Button to The Matrix Lenticular, from a Spider-Man Poster to a Harry Potter T-Shirt, there has always been an extra effort to acquire these special give-aways so everyone has a chance at getting something.

The LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION is the real deal with an incredible track record serving the Comic Book Collecting community for 35 years. Collectors have come away with great stuff to add to their collections found in the large selection in the Dealers Room. And all the shows featuring Special Guests like the above share an incredible feat in common, the admission price for each was only $8.00 or less! No matter how popular the Program or Special Guests are, the Convention maintains a low admission rate for both the Public and the Dealers.

It's hard to sum up 35 years of the LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION in just a few paragraphs, the above Guests and Programs listed are such a small portion of what's been featured and a quick sampling of the Convention History. Eventually there will be a section listing all the Special Guests that have appeared. Upcoming Convention dates during 2012 will be JANUARY 15, MARCH 4, MAY 6, and additional dates will be announced soon.


Shrine Auditorium Expo Center

700 West 32nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90007

More Info: http://www.comicbookscifi.com/

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