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Jamie S. Rich signs @ Heroes Comics

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

All-Day Event!

Image Comics launched the poppy superhero comic book series It Girl and the Atomics back in August to much acclaim and strong sales. The first printing of the debut issue sold out from the distributor almost immediately upon release. On December 12, Image will be release the fifth issue, ending the first story arc, “Dark Streets, Snap City.” To mark the event, the comic’s writer, Jamie S. Rich, will be signing at Heroes Comics in Fresno, CA.

“I have family in the area,” Rich said, “and I was a customer at Heroes back when they were a new store, almost 20 years ago, just before I left California to move to Oregon and work for Dark Horse Comics as an editor. It’s fitting that I would come back to commemorate this milestone in one of my favorite projects.”

It Girl and the Atomics is a spin-off from the popular indie comics series Madman, the brainchild of Michael Allred, the artist on Marvel Comics’ new FF! title. It Girl marks the first long-form extension of his world by other creators. Rich has been the editor of Madman since 1997 and has previously written short stories for the title. Joining him for It Girl and the Atomics are artist Mike Norton, colorist Allen Passalaqua, and letter Crank!, the Eisner-winning team behind Battlepug.

“The Atomics are a team of superheroes who got their powers from an alien goo that caused them to mutate,” Rich explained. “They all have weird abilities, and we’ve set out to make kooky comics to match. It Girl was always my favorite character. She has the ability to take on the physical properties of anything she touches. This presents a fun creative challenge. Just what are the limits of her abilities? What new function could she adopt today?”


Heroes Comics

110 East Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA 93710

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