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Bill Griffith Exhibit @ Society of Illustrators

Friday, May 10th, 2013

All-Day Event!

"Are we having fun yet?" This non sequitur utterance by the clown-suited philosopher/media star Zippy the Pinhead has become so oft-quoted that it is now in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. Zippy has in fact become international icon, even appearing on the (former) Berlin Wall. Zippy's Creator, Bill Griffith, began his comics career in New York City in 1969 and is still working today. His first strips were seen in the East Village Other and SCREW magazine and has since been published by Print Mint, Last Gasp, Rip Off Press, Kitchen Sink, Fantagraphics Books, San Francisco Examiner, The New Yorker and many more


Society of Illustrators

128 East 63rd St
New York, NY 10065

More Info: http://www.societyillustrators.org/Mocca_Exhibit.aspx?id=9146

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