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Batman: Yesterday and Tomorrow opens @ Cartoon Art Museum (through June 6)

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

All-Day Event!

The Cartoon Art Museum’s new exhibition, Batman: Yesterday and Tomorrow, showcases six strikingly different interpretations of the Dark Knight, representing some of the boldest visionaries to illustrate the DC Comics icon. Featured artists include Bob Kane and Bill Finger, who created Batman in 1939; Neal Adams, whose detailed artistry redefined comics in the 1970s; Frank Miller, whose graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns pioneered the modern, mature concept of Batman; Pepe Moreno, whose Batman: Digital Justice was the first graphic novel with entirely computer-generated art; and acclaimed artist Paul Pope, whose Batman: Year 100 pays homage to the original Batman comics and looks ahead to Gotham City of the year 2039.

Programming featuring Chip Kidd, Pepe Moreno and Paul Pope is currently being planned. More details will be announced as these programs are finalized.


Cartoon Art Museum

655 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

More Info: http://www.cartoonart.org/

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