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Ink Master - "X-Men's Hugh Jackman"

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Start Time: 10:00PM    End Time: 11:00PM

In the episode entitled "X-Men's Hugh Jackman," the remaining 13 artists in the competition are tested on their skill of technical precision. Exact lines, shading and small details can take a tattoo from being just average to a masterpiece. This skill is especially important when tattooing portraits of people and well-known characters.

Opening with a Flash Challenge, the artists are charged with creating and tattooing an original design of an image that represents a specific superpower their Human Canvas wishes they had. In the follow up Elimination Challenge, the artists tattoo X-Men superfans with the character of their choice.

Before voting in the final Elimination Tattoo takes place, both the artist and the X-Men superfans are treated to a sneak peek of the new X-Men movie "X-Men: Days of Future Past," coming out on May 23 from Twentieth Century Fox.

More Info: http://www.spike.com/shows/ink-master

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