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Dave Johnson Pirate Tiki Tour

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Start Time: 12:00PM    End Time: 08:00PM

The Isotope is proud to celebrate this truly unique annual event of infamous proportions with the one and only Reverend Dave Johnson (100 BULLETS, PUNISHER, SUPERMAN RED SON)!

Since 2001 the Isotope's secret-route tours of San Francisco's tiki bars have awed, inspired and intoxicated fellow lovers of Polynesian umbrella drinks... for the great tiki gods above made blessed the beautiful city of San Francisco with such an over-abundance of watering holes of the tiki variety that it makes others weep with fruity cocktail and indoor rainfall envy. And so for half a decade the Isotope honors the great Island Lords by paying tribute upon the bar stools of the city's many tiki bars. Legend tells that those who can complete the tour are granted the wonderous gift of never-hangover. But no man or woman has ever managed to master the great tour of tiki. And over the years we've seen our special guests and fellow travelers crash and burn, disappear with ladies of the night, and yes, even be left a miserable shivering mess the next day at the convention.

Despite the hardships, we brave souls still step up to alter of sacrifice and show the very gods themselves that we are up to the tiki bar challenge. Those who fear such things (who could blame them?) can expect to see us showing up in our tattered piratey remains on your doorsteps at 4am. We suggest locking up those bedroom windows tight!

Thanks to the over-the-top twisted genius of The Reverend himself and a few mad, carnal desires of our own... this is truly the Tiki Tour to end all Tiki Tours. For this one, my dear friends, has PIRATES.

A call to our gorgeous piratey friends from the NorCal Pirate Fest and we knew we were going to ensure this will be one of the most jaw-dropping events ever... and that was before our beloved Bay Area Derby Girls got wind of it! Surely even the tiki gods and Reverend Dave Johnson themselves will feel the swoon-inducing power of PIRATES ON WHEELS. This is the year we eclipse all others!

Grab yourself your pirate-y best gear and join the hordes of sexy pirates invading SF's famous tiki watering holes... DAVE JOHNSON NEEDS PIRATES!


Bamboo Hut

479 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94133

More Info: http://www.isotopecomics.com/2010/03/celebrating-wondercon-2010.html

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