Challengers Comics + Conversation


"CHALLENGERS is a comic store dedicated to one idea: reading comics is really pretty awesome. Okay, it's not curing cancer or ending injustice, but MAN! Have you read The Sixth Gun? Or Saga? Or Scott Pilgrim? Or Hawkeye? Or Locke and Key? Or Revival? Or Asterios Polyp? Those books are crazy good! Plus, I'm not sure we'd be really good at ending injustice. Like, do we need a permit for that? Or reflective stickers on our jackets? We'd need jackets, too, I guess. We're a little better at recommending comics and talking with folks about said comics, so we'll probably just stick with that.

Will Eisner “Spirit of Comics” Finalist 3 years in a row (2010-2012), Named "Best Comic Book Shop" by New City (Nov 2012), “Best Comic Shop” by the Chicago Reader (Jun 2010) and “Best Comic Book Store” by Chicago Magazine (Aug 2009), Challengers Comics + Conversation strives to prove that the best thing about being in a comic book store, is being in a comic book store. With a combined 42 years of comic retail experience, owners Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush endeavor to bring Chicago a full-service, technologically interactive comic store that has the same level of wonder and enjoyment as the comics they sell. And read. And talk about. And champion." - from the owner

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