Moving Pictures Exeter


"Moving Pictures is a shop owned/run by Sam and Colin we have always had a passion for movies and tv & comics inside the store you will find comics,graphic novels,toys, gifts, collectables and clothing with themes such as Disney, Harry Potter,Lord of the Rings,Dc,Marvel,My Little Pony, Doctor Who Horror,Sci Fi and much more!

We attend various Sci Fi & Memorabilia events around the country and enjoy meeting and chatting to other people with a passion for the products we sell and really don't mind being labelled as Geeks (there are many worse things to be) come and have a browse in the store next time you are in the area.

Our shop is located in Harlequins Centre,Exeter, East Devon but we can be contacted via the website,telephone or e-mail where ever you live in the Galaxy!!" - from the owner