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TALK TO THE HAT: Sara Pichelli's "Ultimate" Introduction

The artist behind the new Ultimate Spider-Man, Sara Pichelli, joins Marvel Comics' Tom Brevoort to talk race, the press and the future with an exclusive first look at "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" #1.

Posted Monday, August 8th @ 2:28 PM (PDT)

The Birth of Miles Morales

With a new face under Ultimate Spider-Man's mask, Marvel CCO Joe Quesada returns with his take on the character's creation and the overpowering public reaction, plus an exclusive look at the Ultimate Spidey cartoon!

Friday, August 5th @ 2:28 PM (PDT)

TALK TO THE HAT: "Fear Itself" Fallout, OGNs & Marvel's Future

In the wake of San Diego, Tom Brevoort unpacks Marvel's plans for original graphic novels, shares how "Fear Itself" will push the Marvel U to its next phase and invites Matt Fraction in for a "Mighty Thor" sneak peek!

Friday, July 29th @ 2:28 PM (PDT)

TALK TO THE HAT: Captain America & Avengers, From Movies To Comics

As America prepares for Steve Rogers' big screen bow and CCI, Tom Brevoort discusses "Captain America's" influence on comics and the future of "Avengers."

Friday, July 22nd @ 3:28 PM (PDT)

TALK TO THE HAT: Fans On "Schism" Origins, CrossGen & Crossovers

Tom Brevoort is back digging into the fan questions mail bag to cover a range of Marvel Comics issues from the X-Men's "Schism" to the future of CrossGen and the fate of characters both female and furious.

Friday, July 15th @ 1:58 PM (PDT)

TALK TO THE HAT: First Comics & Comeback Kids

Marvel Comics SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort wraps the week on CBR with a wide-ranging discussion on gateway comics, fallen franchises and comebacks with exclusive art from "Captain America" and more!

Friday, July 8th @ 1:58 PM (PDT)

TALK TO THE HAT: Marvel Movies, Nostalgia & Balance

As "The Avengers" rolls film, Tom Brevoort looks at how movies from "Captain America" to "X-Men: First Class" affect Marvel Comics while his staff digs into their own long boxes and show off tons of exclusive art.

Friday, July 1st @ 1:28 PM (PDT)

TALK TO THE HAT: Variant Deaths & Pricing Pages

Tom Brevoort gives twice the info on this week's shocking "Ultimate Spider-Man" #160 including the history of the story and of specialty variants while addressing fan questions on Marvel pricing and "Astonishing Captain America."

Friday, June 24th @ 3:25 PM (PDT)

TALK TO THE HAT: Bringing the New From Spidey to X-Men

Tom Brevoort is back on CBR to discuss the art of the pitch and how Marvel makes a choice on new series from "Avenging Spider-Man" to the exclusive word of Andy Diggle's new "Six Guns."

Friday, June 17th @ 1:58 PM (PDT)

TALK TO THE HAT: Killing Bucky & Ending "Uncanny"

In a week when Marvel loses one of its heroes in Bucky "Captain America" Barnes and one of its marquee titles in "Uncanny X-Men," Tom Brevoort still has time to juggle his picks for DC's relaunches and more.

Friday, June 10th @ 2:49 PM (PDT)

TALK TO THE HAT: Comic Shop Talk with Earth-2's Jud Meyers

Comic shop owner Jud Meyers talks out issues of retail, fandom and more with Tom Brevoort, from debate over Marvel's lack of a Vertigo-like line, sales on comic book deaths and the status of Neil Gaiman's "Marvelman."

Friday, June 3rd @ 1:58 PM (PDT)

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