Were You Able To Get The 3D Villains Month Covers You Wanted?

DC's Villain's Month is winding down, and CBR wonders how you made out in getting the special (and heavily allocated) 3-D covers from your local retailer!

Rank Option Percentage Votes
1 I was able to get the 3D covers I wanted 39.8% 1215
2 I just skipped the whole event 31.6% 964
3 I was unable to get the 3D covers I wanted 13.6% 417
4 I opted for the 2D covers 9.8% 299
5 I had to pay over cover price for my 3D covers 5.2% 160
    Total Votes 3,055

This poll is closed.


This poll ran from Thursday, September 19th to Sunday, October 20th, 2013 at 10:28am PDT.