Which "Original Sin" Revelation Do You Find Most Interesting?

The Watcher's eyes sure held a lot of secrets, but some of them are bigger than others! Of the revelations we've seen so far during Marvel's "Original Sin" event, which one has you most interested to see where it leads?

Rank Option Percentage Votes
1 Another person was bit by the spider that bit Spider-Man 16.6% 839
2 Angela is Thor and Loki's sister 14.8% 748
3 Nick Fury has been defending the Earth from outside threats for decades 14.8% 747
4 Captain America discovers he was mindwiped by the Illuminati 14.0% 707
5 Tony Stark altered Bruce Banner's plans for the Gamma Bomb 10.3% 521
6 Professor Xavier had a secret Last Will and Testament 7.2% 365
7 Johnny Storm cost Ben Grimm his only chance to become human again 5.1% 258
8 Daredevil's father physically abused his mother 4.8% 241
9 Deadpool's daughter is still alive 4.2% 214
10 There was a 'Mighty Avengers' team in the '70s which counted Blade and Luke Cage's father among its members 2.6% 131
11 The Ebony Blade's curse has taken control of the Black Knight 2.3% 117
12 Nova's father was part of a conspiracy inside the Nova Corps 1.8% 93
13 The Invaders were involved in in a WWII cover-up story 0.8% 40
14 A new version of Deathlok exists 0.6% 31
    Total Votes 5,052

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This poll ran from Thursday, August 7th to Sunday, September 7th, 2014 at 12:46pm PDT.