After a series of red herring teasers, Marvel announced yesterday that the Black Panther would soon take the role of the hero of Hell’s Kitchen in a new series. Let CBR know how T’Challa fared in your personal pick list below!

Rank Option Percentage Votes
1 Gambit was a classier pick by far 31.4% 1688
2 Yes! The King of Wakanda has no fear! 26.0% 1398
3 Falcon should've swooped into the role 24.5% 1317
4 I was hungry for Kraven The Hunter 13.8% 742
5 I was sure it was going to be Nova 4.3% 233
    Total Votes 5,378

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This poll ran from Wednesday, September 15th to Friday, October 15th, 2010 at 12:00am PDT.