Preview: Uncanny X-Men #502

Thu, September 11th, 2008 at 3:11pm PDT

Story by
Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker
Art by
Greg Land
Cover by
Greg Land
Marvel Comics
Cover Price:
Release Date
Sep 17th, 2008
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The hunters become the hunted as the X-Men let the Hellfire Cult know they won't be going down without a fight. Beast brings a special guest star to visit the Cult's latest victim. Cyclops and Karma chalk up a victim of their own.

Nightcrawler's extracurricular activities are brought to light. And learn, for the first time, what Wolverine listens to while fixing his car. All this and the team leaps into battle against the Cult in a full-frontal assault...the prize, San Francisco!

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