Preview: The Lone Ranger #11

Mon, April 14th, 2008 at 9:42am PDT

The legend continues to grow as Dynamite continues the first year of all-new Lone Ranger comics!

In this issue, writer Brett Matthews spins a tale that explores the events of the last 4 issues (issues 7-10) and their consequences for Rafael. As we check in on the accused murderer, Tonto pays him a visit and tells a most unique tale. Featuring the incredible art of Sergio Cariello, and the cover art of John Cassaday!

Fans, ask your retailer for the Cassaday Virgin Art Incentive Cover!

The Lone Ranger #11 (Vol. 11)The Lone Ranger #11 (Vol. 11)The Lone Ranger #11 (Vol. 11)The Lone Ranger #11 (Vol. 11)
The Lone Ranger #11 (Vol. 11)   

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