Preview: Jughead Double Digest #176

Tue, December 13th, 2011 at 11:36am PST

"Jughead and Jellybean in The Choice and The Challenge!" - It's time for the annual Riverdale Winter Carnival featuring rides, games and best of all, a Christmas cupcake eating contest! Delighted at the prospect of competing, Jughead declares this will be the best Christmas ever! In order to take on legendary competitive eater, Two-Fisted Toni, Jughead must prepare for the match and secure his victory. Only problem is Jug's parents have saddled him with babysitting duties watching kid sister Jellybean! Can Jughead juggle his responsibility to his family as well as his appetite for winning?

"Jughead in A Season To Remember" - Jughead skipping breakfast? Archie arriving early for school? Pop's Chok'lit Shop lacking customers? Jughead shares with the class memories of the previous winter when the cold was so bitter it had an unusual effect on the residents of Riverdale!

Jughead Double Digest #176 (Vol. 176)Jughead Double Digest #176 (Vol. 176)Jughead Double Digest #176 (Vol. 176)Jughead Double Digest #176 (Vol. 176)
Jughead Double Digest #176 (Vol. 176)   

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